June 5, 2011

Graduation Season begins!

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Another busy day; summer is officially here!  Today was my cousin Mike’s high school graduation party.  We headed over to my aunt’s house early to help set up and get things ready.  While we worked, Dave took Ajax up to the park to play.  Ajax had a blast at the park and is really loving the swings lately.   At about 1 pm, we took him home for lunch and laid him down for his afternoon nap.  I think part of Ajax’s sleep problem is that with the warm weather we’ve become a little washy on his schedule (and we’re a scheduled home, lol), so although we wanted to stay and work, we knew Ajax needed his routine.

He napped for two hours and then we headed back over to the party, which was in full swing.   There was so much going on that Ajax wouldn’t eat.  The only thing he ate were two Popsicle, a small piece of cake, and one bite of hot dog… oh and some gold fish.   There was a small pool that Ajax splashed around in with my mom, and he rode a bike up and down the driveway.  He told everyone hello and hi.   By 6 pm, he of course was not ready to leave, but again with the schedule we loaded him into the car and headed home.   Being a nino is pretty rough.

Getting ready to dive into the pool.

Eating dinner.

With Great grandma and Grandma.

Now standing in the pool with his new sandals.

Zipping around the party.

February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

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Well the Saints won over the Colts, 31-17, in Super Bowl XLIV, what a spectacular game folks!

Ok, so I had to look up those facts (like, who was playing, who won, etc.) and did not know them off the top of my head.  However, I did watch part of the game (mostly the commercials) as Dave, Ajax and I attended a baby-friendly Super Bowl party last night (Mary, James, thank you for hosting such a lovely event!).  Ajax did wonderful for refusing to nap all afternoon and was just enthralled with all the people, ninos and one very excited puppy.   He also got to play with a little guy (13-months), who was just so cute, and kept point to Ajax’s nose and ear, Ajax had this expression like, yea I know that’s my nose, what of it?  It was pretty funny.   He actually fell asleep on the way over and to try and give him a little extra time in the car, we circled our friends neighborhood for almost 20 minutes.  We enjoyed looking at all the houses… what else are you going to do?

Tonight when I was making dinner, Dave pointed out that we clearly need a true date night out as Ajax had thrown up all over my arm while I was preparing dinner and I hadn’t even noticed, even though once he pointed it out I realized that yes, I had felt the cold/damp on my forearm.

Riding a cow during the Bowl

October 13, 2009

New Day, new baby class

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Well it’s Tuesday and Ajax had his second baby class with my Aunt.  I would like to report that Ajax had a great time!  He was happy and playful and had fun watching the other kids (he’s the youngest in the class).  He’s also made a little friend in the class who is 9 months old.  I’m very proud of my aunt and cousin for putting this class together; they’re doing a great job.   Tomorrow Ajax has his 6 month appointment at the Doctors office.  He’ll be getting his vaccinations this round, so I’m expecting a bit of fussiness.

Craft projects from his baby class.  Ajax's contribution to the frame was chewing on the corner.

Craft projects from his baby class. Ajax's contribution to the frame was chewing on the corner.

Ajax sitting on the couch playing with his musical toy.

Ajax sitting on the couch playing with his musical toy.



And then freaking out... hunger.

And then freaking out... hunger.

Telling dad it's time for dinner.

Telling dad it's time for dinner.

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