June 6, 2019

Last Day of School 2019!

Posted in Family news/Updates at 1:13 pm by Mel

Last day of school for these kiddos was a Thursday! What an excellent end to an outstanding year. Ajax excelled academically and socially. He’s so quick with math and does multi-step problems in his head. He is an avid reader and is obsessed with all things related to Greek mythology. Fourth grade was a great year for him with a lovely teacher (Mrs. Sileo). He really did wonderfully. The teacher invited all parents to the class on Wednesday for a special treat. Each child had written a book about a special memory and even illustrated it themselves. Ajax wrote about fishing with his Grandpa Gordy and it was adorable. Each student took a turn reading a passage and Ajax did so well.

Noomi also had a wonderful year in Ms. Proulx’s first grade class! We really saw her mature emotionally this year and socially. Her vocabulary and reading skills have really taken off. Her favorite way to show of this skill is to read her own menu when we are out to dinner! She’s into all things animal related and has been working through a chapter book about a golden retriever who is of course an adventure dog. Her favorite class was art and seemed to tolerate math and had no interest in practicing spelling words (which is just like Ajax… and really every child everywhere lol). She loved playing soccer and participating with her Troop and is even more excited to start second grade.

When the kids got home from school on Thursday we rounded them up and headed to a hotel near Metro Airport for the night. We stopped and grabbed some food and then when we got the hotel the kids got in a few hours of swimming before we crashed.

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