May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Posted in Family news/Updates at 9:02 pm by Mel

Our long weekend has come to an end and tomorrow is back to the grind.

On Saturday we all headed to Brooklyn.  We didn’t do any work, just sort of hung out and played around.  We tried hunting for morels, but came up empty handed. We ended up hiking through the woods, playing with horses, and cleaning up the tack room.  Some of my cousin’s came out, my mom and I did a little shopping, and Husker ran nonstop.  We headed home a bit late and ended up stopping for a late night ice cream.

On Sunday everyone was pretty tired so the kids bummed around and did a few odd jobs around the house.   Dave bought a larger propane tank… yeah.  And I went out to eat and shopping with my sister (as I owed her big time after her mascot performance for the Ice Cream Social).  For dinner Noomi and I made calzones. She was wicked proud and the guys were quite appreciative!

On Monday we had friends over and we all went into town and watched the parade. We then walked around town a bit, went to the playground, and then came home, made lunch and let the kiddos all play.  Afterwards, we did a bit of yard work, I moved some rocks, the kids played around the neighborhood, and Husker (again) ran wild and greeted all the neighbors that passed by.

Here’s some pictures of Noomi on Starr.  Ajax didn’t feel like riding.

OH also, last week Noomi got to invite a special person to her class to read a story and she asked Ajax.  Ajax and Dave went to her classroom in the morning and he read to the entire class (The Pain and The Great One).  Dave said he did great!


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