May 19, 2019

Weekend roundup

Posted in Family news/Updates at 9:00 pm by Mel

I’m going to get back on my blogging bandwagon. Here we go!

We are finally starting to get some spring here in Michigan. Some days are warmer than others, and we’re getting a lot of rain, but it’s not snowing.  It’s a small victory. The kids know summer break is right around the corner and the countdown is their morning mantra.

Last week we wrapped up spring soccer for Noomi.  She greatly enjoyed it and says she wants to play again next year. Williamston does has a great community soccer program and one night even had the high school girls team do pizza and crafts with the younger players, which Noomi loved.  Ajax decided he didn’t want to play soccer this spring and has shown no regrets.  He more likes to goof around with his friends and playing on recess, but not so much with the serious playing.

This past weekend ended up being pretty busy. On Saturday, Dave was up early to volunteer at the Foundation’s annual golf outing.  He then got home in time for us to meet my Aunt Lisa and cousins, Logan and Ethan, and my dad at ON for lunch.  After lunch everyone came to our place for dessert and a game of Catan.  After the left I made two trips to Okemos to purchase the wrong part for our lawn mower. Luckily the neighbor kid was able to cut our grass as the part we need won’t be in until Wednesday.  Dave did a bit of forging and then we went rock hunting (our current favorite family past time).

On Sunday we were up early and the kids and I went over a friend’s house for an at-home “Crossfit” session.  After 45 minutes of kicking my butt, my friend made us all breakfast which was delicious.  It was a win-win, the kids had fun playing with their friends, Dave had a quite house, and I got a buddy workout!  We got home, ate lunch, and then Noomi and I ran to her friend’s house to pick up some more rocks that they’d unearthed doing landscaping.  We got caught in a sudden storm and ended up hanging out for a couple hours.  By the time we got home everyone was pooped.  We cleaned up, ordered a pizza for dinner, and watched a Forged in Fire.

Some other highlights.  This past Easter we headed to Allegan for a lovely day with family.  It was beautiful outside which meant we spent a good part of our day enjoying the warmth.  We had the Ice Cream Social with the school, which was a family affair.  Everyone pitched in… even Emily who was the school mascot (I owe her BIG time).  We’re prepping for our South Carolina vacation which is coming up soon and overall trying to plan out daycare for the kids this summer.  We also had sleepovers, birthday parties, and general shenanigans.

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