April 14, 2019

Birthday month

Posted in Family news/Updates at 7:54 pm by Mel

Well April turned into the month of celebrating Ajax and his big birthday of TEN!  His birthday fell in the middle of spring break (again) this year.  Him and Noomi spent the first half of break with Grandma Dara and Papa, Aunt Theresa and Vivian.  They had so much fun and both came home with dyed red hair!

On April 3, Ajax picked dinner – chicken nuggets.  We also gave Ajax his big present, which was his own brand new laptop.  Dave had it set up and ready to go, even adding Age of Empire (Ajax’s current favorite game).  Ajax was thrilled and said he loved it so much and didn’t even care if he also needed to use it for homework.  Noomi spent her own money and bought him a present as well. She was so proud to give it to him.

The next day the kids went with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gordy and headed for a night at a hotel in Frankenmuth.  Apparently they swam nonstop.  The kids came home on Friday and on Saturday we had a family party at our house for Ajax, which includes grandparents, aunts, cousins, and puppies.

This past weekend we had Ajax’s BIG party at District 5 in Lansing with his friends from school.   All the kids had a blast, they jumped for an hour, then we had pizza and cake, opened gifts and then left the mess.  It was wonderful.  After the party, Noomi went home with her friend Cora for the night.  Dave, Ajax, and I hit up a flea market and all walked away with treasures.  Ajax ended up having three friends stay the night and on Sunday we all relaxed!

For some reason the District 5 pictures are loading right. Oh well. Here’s a few!

2019-04-03 07.25.152019-04-03 18.02.502019-04-03 19.55.082019-04-06 14.01.542019-04-06 14.02.032019-04-06 14.02.092019-04-06 14.02.132019-04-06 14.04.49

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