March 25, 2019

Catch up and recaps

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We’ve been a bit out of commission lately.  Here’s what’s been happening in our lives.

Noomi and Dave attended their second Daddy Daughter Dance and had a wonderful night.  Apparently there was much dancing, the girls ditched the dads and ran wild through the school.  Ajax ended up having a friend over and they played hours of video games into the night.  It was a win-win night for everyone. I made giant rice krispy treats and the dog and I watched TV.

We had the the Girl Scout Pinewood Derby.  Noomi didn’t come in last this year, so we’re winning.  Dave and Noomi spent a lot of time on it this year and actaully even had a usable space in the garage to do said work.

For St. Patty’s Day the kids each had a friend over so everyone built leprechaun traps.  The girls spent more time designing and building their traps, while boys teamed up and built one halfhearted trap (in-between their video game time).  All kids failed to catch a leprechaun, but all managed to catch some candy.

This past weekend the kids went out to the farm.  They built forts in the woods, mucked stalls, rode horses, played in the hay, and pretended to be in a rock band with grandpa.  Apparently they had an outstanding time.  Dave and I went shoe shopping and then Emily and her dogos came and stayed the night. We ate pizza and watched silly movies.  It was lovely.

We also had spring parent-teacher conferences for both kids and received outstanding reports on each.  Ajax’s teacher told us how well he was doing academically, how much he loves to read, and is learning to work better in groups.  Noomi’s teacher told us what a model student she is and that while she is quiet, is never afraid to answer a question or share an opinion.  We were so proud of both kids that we went out to dinner.  On a Monday!  Crazy.

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