February 27, 2019

Vikings and Fire

Posted in Family news/Updates at 9:06 pm by Mel

This past weekend we headed to the Nordic Fire Festival. We weren’t sure what to expect but as soon as we pulled in we were immediately excited and also a little disappointed that as a family we didn’t have era appropriate Viking inspired costumes.  Oh well. Family goals.   There were kid crafts, vendors, and of course fire. We also threw knives, axes, and Dave and the kids tried their hand at archery.  Noomi watched belly dancers and the guys watched a weapons demonstration. Dave got to talk to a blacksmith demonstrating a coal forge and was quite excited to go home and heat up some metal.  Noomi ended up leaving with a pink fleece cloak and Ajax got a fencing foil.  They were both beyond excited with their purchases.

Afterwards we headed to Allegan to visit and deliver cookies.  We stayed for dinner and then headed home.  On Sunday we didn’t do much except bum around.  I went shopping and Dave and Noomi built her derby car (which she named snory).

I also took Noomi shopping for a dress for the daddy daughter dance this Friday and Ajax is already planning all the video games we’re going to play while they are gone.

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