February 14, 2019

V Day 2019

Posted in Family news/Updates at 8:16 pm by Mel

Today is Valentine’s Day and time for some major catch up!

Let me recap.  Winter has finally hit Michigan with some wicked cold temps and the kids haven’t had a full week of school since. During one week we had temperatures with the wind chill at -40.  Insane. Even Husker refused to go outside.  We kept busy and two days the kids even did a day time camp at the local karate studio. They had a ton of fun and now Noomi is obsessed with purchasing a Bo Staff. Yes, she has several picked out on Amazon.  Ajax was thrilled because they got to have a Nerf gun fight, which meant running around the studio, leaping over make shift bunkers, and dodging foam darts.

We had a Girl Scout event and I took both kids to the Breslin Center for a MSU women’s baseket ball game.  Both kids enjoyed that a ton.  We also went to a friends house for a Super Bowl Party. In total we had 11 kids running wild, hyped up on sugar with Nerf Guns.  Eventually there were tears, but before that everyone had a great time.

Noomi and I went to a baby shower in Livonia for a family friend.  She loved looking at all the baby items.  The guys stayed home and did… I’m not sure what?  Noomi and I also did a local tour around Williamston with our Troop and they got to ask the Mayor several questions about her job.

It also seems like the kids took trips out to visit each set of grandparents, leaving Dave and I kid free.  We celebrated by hanging out with my sister and Adrian and sleeping in till 8 am.  Ajax seems to be getting up earlier and earlier these days and now 6 am is his wake up time.  Ajax is getting ready for the 4/5th grade play. He is on the marketing committee.  He refused to try out for a speaking part in the play, but he’s very excited with his committee.

On the planning front we also booked our vacation to Disney world for last 2019.  Lisa and Doug are now engaged!  And we thinking of heading to South Carolina for a graduation party!

Back to today.

This morning I loaded Noomi on the bus and took Ajax to his 8 am Doctor’s appointment in Fowlerville. It was supposed to be just a quick in/out visit regarding his medicine, but I also asked the doctor to check on a cough he had developed earlier in the week.  The doctor listened to his chest multiple times and stepped away saying, wow, there’s a rasp, he has the very beginning of walking pneumonia.  The doctor prescribed a serious antibiotic and instructed me to keep an eye on the cough. If the cough gets worse to page him ASAP and he may need breathing treatments.  I couldn’t believe it.  Ajax also couldn’t believe it as he didn’t have a fever and overall felt ok. He was devastated that he couldn’t go to school for his holiday party.  I did drop off the donuts for his party and Valentine box and cards.  His teacher sent us an email saying the class missed him and were worried and they had passed out his cards and collected his.

I was able to run to Noomi’s party briefly when I picked up his medicine, but other than that we had a quiet day at home.  Dave ended up having to work late, so I ordered a pizza and we watched The Three Musketeers.   Both kids loved the sword fights.  Because swords.

On the planning front we also booked our vacation to Disney world for last 2019.  Lisa and Doug are now engaged!  And we thinking of heading to South Carolina for a graduation party!

And that concludes Valentine’s Day 2019.

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