January 1, 2019

Holiday wrap up

Posted in Family news/Updates at 4:28 pm by Mel

The holidays were lovely this year and now we’re recovering.  Noomi and I are binging Fuller House and Dave’s banging on metal with his new forge and Ajax just beat some monster in Zelda. He’s pumped.  So let’s recap.

The Saturday before Christmas we headed to Allegan and helped Rod and Dara move into their new house!  It’s beautiful!  Since everyone was there helping we worked all day and then did our family gift exchange in the evening.  I realize we worked so hard that we didn’t take one pictures.

On Sunday I cooked all day because on Monday we hosted Christmas Eve.  We had a lot of fun and family over.  The weather was nice enough that we even got in a few games of laser tag outside. Husker was even excited because his bestie, Bruin, was also over.

On Christmas morning everyone was up at 6 am.  It was dark outside and Husker was confused as to why the whole family was up and about so early.  Everyone had a great holiday and we even surprised Dave with a 90 lb anvil.  He’s really getting into this forging.

The rest of our holiday week seemed to fly by. Dave had to work unfortunately, but we did lots of bumming around and playing with new toys.

For New Year’s Eve we had friends over and the kids actually made it to midnight.  I was surprised as they all seemed to run in circles screaming for about three hours straight on a pure sugar high. Husker was again confused.  And that brings us to today.

Dave and the kids made a knife with the forge, about 5 inches long. No handle, but they are still learning lol.

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