January 15, 2017

Catch Up

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Well after the holidays we rushed head-long back into our busy schedules!  The kids started school with minimal complaints.  Dave and I went to work with minimal complaints.

Then to throw a monkey wrench into our plans, Dave was scheduled to be in Canada for a day, a client meeting,- the same day I was set to be in Chicago for a hearing.   My dad was kind enough to come down and watch the kids for us.   He came down on Sunday night and on Monday morning Dave and I headed off.  Grandpa did an excellent job with the kiddos and it seems they weren’t too tough on him- they all survived!   I typed up a detailed routine with a meal plan (meals pre-made and in the fridge), however, when I checked in Noomi wasn’t napping (just resting her eyes on the couch while watching a movie) and Ajax stayed up late on a school night (8:30 pm!!).  There was also a snow day thrown in the there, but grandpa handled it like a pro and everyone was alive and well when I got home on Wednesday.

This past weekend, therefore we did a mountain of laundry and cleaning.  Noomi had a birthday party on Saturday (a fairy princess themed tea party – adorable) and on Sunday we took the kids ice skating in East Lansing.  Dave and I haven’t skated in over 11 years, but we didn’t fall!  The kids did well – Noomi was fearless, bordering on crazy reckless with a wild laugh.  By the end Noomi could shuffle along next to you without holding the wall.  Ajax couldn’t quite seem to get his feet/legs under control and he spent a lot of time slipping and sliding and ending up on the ground.  He was however, always positive and had a good time.  By the end he could shuffle along while holding the side of the wall.  Beth, Mike, and Dom also met us up there, which was nice. The kids loved seeing little Dominic skate around!

On the drive home Ajax was saying that he was happy we went skating today because he has a party tomorrow and they are going skating (didn’t want him to be the only kid there who’d never been skating before).  Noomi heard that and demanded that she also needed to go to the party.  When we tried to explain that it was only a party for Ajax’s friend she proceed to scream and cry hysterically all the way home.  Seriously didn’t see that coming, apparently little girl loves to ice skate.





January 2, 2017

New Year and Good times

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After Christmas was Boxing Day and we therefore headed to my cousin Wendy’s house for food and good times.  She had to explain to us what Boxing Day was of course, but we all had a good time (we also took 2 trips to the Good Will with donations).  My parents came out, as well as Emily and Adrian.  Ajax and Sebastian spent hours playing Minecraft and Noomi and Eliza put on roller skates and wheeled (dangerously) around the house.

That was on Monday, on Thursday I had to go into the office for a bit (as I have to be in Chicago in a week for an asylum interview) and Emily was nice enough to drive the kids to Brooklyn for the day.  On Friday, we bummed around and after Dave got off from work we headed to Wendy’s house (again!) for a cousin party.  Ajax and Sebastian again played hours of Minecraft, we barely saw them, and Noomi, Eliza and Clara ran wild through the house.  We ended up staying out later than expected so we didn’t get home till almost midnight. Oh, Noomi also insisted on wearing her monkey costume for the party.

Saturday was New Year’s Eve and we headed to Mike and Beth’s house.  The kids again ran wild with little Dominic, till they crashed around 8 pm and we put on a movie.  We didn’t make it till midnight and the kids were in home and in bed by 9:30/10ish.   They had a great time, however, and so did we, so holiday well spent!  We didn’t do any resolutions… maybe we’ll talk about them over dinner tomorrow night.  It’s always good to have goals and I want to make sure the kids aim for something.

Over the weekend, we really just bummed around.  The kids played video games and we watched movies.  We did our usual routine of grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning and laundry.  We are now ready to tackle our short week.  Ajax said he wasn’t ready to go back to school and that if he just had one more week off that would be perfect.  Noomi said she was definitely ready to go back to school because she really misses her friends.


December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

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On Christmas morning the kids slept in till 7 am, which was wonderful, before running through the house yelling that Santa had come and eaten all the cookies!  Dave and I rolled out of bed and watched as both kids ran circles in the living room before settling down to distribute presents.  We tried to have them wait till the coffee was done, but that didn’t happen, lol.

The kids were very happy with their Christmas – Ajax got MineCraft for the PS3 and the Tye Striker Lego set, and Noomi got some new Barbies and a pink Barbie convertible.  We ended up staying home all day in our PJs.  Ajax played hours of video games and I braided the hair of multiple dolls.

The kids mostly ate candy, but Dave made us an awesome brunch.  I destroyed dinner and have sworn to never cook on Christmas again.  From hence forth, we will be a family that eats out or orders-in on Christmas – I decree it (I made this declaration over tears therefore it will be so!).  In all fairness dinner was so bad that Dave offered to run and go get us Chinese but we cobbled together leftovers and no one seemed to go hungry lol.

Of course with all that sugar and the late nights, sans nap, the crash was pretty hard and wild and by 6 pm it seemed everyone was ready for bed.  Actually, it’s 7 pm and both kids are in bed.   They would have been to bed sooner but there were tears.


Christmas Eve 2016

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Another holiday in the books!

On Christmas Eve the kids were up early (per usual) and since there was still snow on the ground we all decided to head to the hill in town and get in a bit of sledding.  The hill was of course pure ice which meant the kids flew down!  After a bit we went home and had some lunch before prepping and heading to Emily’s for dinner.   We did our family gift exchange, played old school Nintendo games, and ate way too much.  Ajax got a new work coat and tons of playing cards, which he is currently obsessed with.  He was so excited over the new cards, it blew his mind!

The kids got their baths at Emily’s house and into their PJs before we headed home.  They also had a great time playing on Adrian’s Church-style piano-organ thingie.

The kids zonked out pretty quick in the car, but not before Noomi explained to us that for Halloween she was going to be a monkey pirate (Emily gave her a play eye patch).  We explained that she didn’t have to be a monkey every year and could, ya know, just be a pirate.  She thought that was ridiculous.  When we got home the kids mustered enough energy to put out cookies for Santa and the reindeer food and then crashed hard.



December 21, 2016

Cookies and Xmas break

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Today was Day 3 of the holiday break.  Dave was home with the kiddos yesterday as I had to work, but today I was home with them.  Noomi woke up bright and early at 6:50 am screaming for a drink of water and that was the start of our day.

We cleaned the house, did laundry, and the kids organized their playing cards in binders.  Ajax has been really excited about his YuGiOh cards and cataloging them.  This afternoon we made sugar cookies and the kids decorated them.  The kids picked out their favorites to set aside for Santa.  At one point I looked away and before I knew it Noomi was eating spoonfuls of frosting.  After that I sent them outside to play in the snow.  They had a great day.


December 19, 2016

Parties and the holiday

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Last week Thursday we had both kids Holiday party at school.  Luckily Noomi’s was in the morning and Ajax’s was in the afternoon.  For Noomi’s party the kids sang songs and then we did several crafts.   Noomi refused to sing along, but I know for a fact that she knew all the words and hand movements because she’s been singing them at home.  Oh well.   I ended up bringing Noomi to Ajax’s party, and they also played games and did crafts and ate snacks!

On Friday,we went to a surprise birthday party for our neighbor who turned 60.  Luckily the party was next door as we were hit with a pretty bad snow storm.   The kids played hide and seek with the neighbor kids and were very well behaved, up till about 9 pm and then Noomi had a bit of an over-tired melt down and it was time for us to go, lol.  Ajax was annoyed as he kept saying how much older he was and he was fine and why didn’t he get to stay up later.

On Saturday, Dave headed into Ypsi to help Theresa move and the kids and I stayed home.  The kids played outside in the snow with the neighbor kid and generally ran wild in the house, typical Saturday.  On Sunday, we all headed to Impression 5 Children’s Museum for a birthday party.  On the drive to the museum, which is in downtown Lansing, Noomi pointed out her window- this is where you took me when I burned my arms!  She was totally right, Sparrow Hospital is right down the street from the museum.  She went on to state that we shouldn’t have let her touch that hot stuff and both Dave and I apologized profusely.



December 12, 2016

Up North for Christmas Round 1

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This past weekend we headed to Mikado on Friday for Round 1 of Christmas. Lisa and Doug were up, as well as Theresa and little Vivian.   Before heading to Mikado we went to Alpena for a funeral and then to Alpena Community College to help set up for the craft show.   The kids had a ton of fun running through the halls and playing basketball.   Ajax was also excited to meet his Godfather Jamie, just wish it had been under better circumstances.

On Saturday we did our gift exchange and dinner and played outside.  It was so nice having everyone together for the holiday as Lisa will be taking off to Oklahoma for training and next weekend we’ll be helping Theresa and Tim move to Allegan!

On Sunday, we took all the kids to Mikado Hall to see Santa.  Vivian was having none of it, but Ajax and Noomi did well.  Actually, this was the first year that Noomi happily sat on Mrs. Claus’ lap and told even told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.  After the meet and greet, we hit the road for home and drove straight into a winter storm.  After a few hours we stopped to eat in Bay City and the kids were pumped to see a real working pay phone. Well, I was excited and made them listen to the dial tone.

After 5.5 hours we finally made it home and of course the school ended up being cancelled on Monday due to the snow (total about 8-9 inches in Williamston).   The kids had an excellent snow day, Ajax played outside with the neighbor and Noomi, who has a bit of a cold, snuggled on the couch and watched TV.




December 5, 2016

Weekend roundup

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Another weekend in the books.

On Friday, I took the kids to St. Vincent’s Radio Breakfast.  That is where each department has a holiday display, there are delicious breakfast treats, and of course a local radio show being broadcast.  The kids were very well behaved, ate a ton of waffles and sausage, and enjoyed the music.  They especially liked listening the radio program after we left, after having watched it during breakfast.   After breakfast I took the kids to school and then had to head to Grand Rapids for a meeting.

On Saturday, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated.  We also did a bit of cleaning and laundry and then headed into town for the Williamston Holiday Light Parade.  The kids got cookies and Ajax got hot chocolate.

On Sunday, we all went shopping… as a family and finished up our holiday shopping.   It’s always an experience shopping with kiddos.  I forced Ajax to try on jeans, pure torture for sure… getting new clothes is just the worst.  Noomi, however, was more than excited to pick out her Christmas dress and try it on.   She was torn between a grey felt fedora style hat and a silver headband to go with the dress.

No pictures right now as for some reason they are being slow and not uploading.


November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving prep2016

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Today I was home with the kiddos, which meant lots of cooking and trying to clean and get several things done at once.  One item on my agenda was to give Ajax a haircut.  This time around, however, he requested a more complicated cut.  I watched a You Tube video, felt confident and started up the clippers.  Almost instantly I regretted my decision as I took a clean swipe around his ear and realized I buzzed it on accident (stupid ear guards)!  I’m not going to lie.  There were tears.  Ajax was exceptionally optimistic and kept saying, it’s ok mom, this is the best haircut ever (it wasn’t).   As soon as Noomi woke up from her nap we ran into town and had a hairstylist fix it.  There were several jokes at my expense, but I totally deserved it.

Also Noomi is obsessed with nail polish!

November 21, 2016

Weird stuff Noomi says

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So baby girl says the weirdest things.  It just cracks us up.   I thought I would take a moment to jot down a few of our favorites.

  1. At dinner one night, the whole family sitting around the table enjoying each others company.  I don’t remember what we were discussing, maybe the kids were telling us about their day or something like that, but it was a nice evening.  All of a sudden Noomi became silent, stares straight ahead and says, I am the darkness. 
  2. Last week we had a record high of 70 degrees… in November.   That warm weather hit some cool weather and we had an awesome thunderstorm.  We stood out on the deck watching the lightening and the rain finally drove us into the house.  As we stood there in silence and awe, Noomi says, I dream of fire.
  3. This morning I was driving the kids to school.  Both kids were talking at once about this and that and their plans for the day.   Noomi was talking to herself and said, D is for Death.

I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a crazy ax murderer. Otherwise, these cute little saying will have been vital warning signs that we completely missed, labeling them eccentricities of childhood and the landmark of imagination.

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