December 5, 2016

Weekend roundup

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Another weekend in the books.

On Friday, I took the kids to St. Vincent’s Radio Breakfast.  That is where each department has a holiday display, there are delicious breakfast treats, and of course a local radio show being broadcast.  The kids were very well behaved, ate a ton of waffles and sausage, and enjoyed the music.  They especially liked listening the radio program after we left, after having watched it during breakfast.   After breakfast I took the kids to school and then had to head to Grand Rapids for a meeting.

On Saturday, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated.  We also did a bit of cleaning and laundry and then headed into town for the Williamston Holiday Light Parade.  The kids got cookies and Ajax got hot chocolate.

On Sunday, we all went shopping… as a family and finished up our holiday shopping.   It’s always an experience shopping with kiddos.  I forced Ajax to try on jeans, pure torture for sure… getting new clothes is just the worst.  Noomi, however, was more than excited to pick out her Christmas dress and try it on.   She was torn between a grey felt fedora style hat and a silver headband to go with the dress.

No pictures right now as for some reason they are being slow and not uploading.


November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving prep2016

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Today I was home with the kiddos, which meant lots of cooking and trying to clean and get several things done at once.  One item on my agenda was to give Ajax a haircut.  This time around, however, he requested a more complicated cut.  I watched a You Tube video, felt confident and started up the clippers.  Almost instantly I regretted my decision as I took a clean swipe around his ear and realized I buzzed it on accident (stupid ear guards)!  I’m not going to lie.  There were tears.  Ajax was exceptionally optimistic and kept saying, it’s ok mom, this is the best haircut ever (it wasn’t).   As soon as Noomi woke up from her nap we ran into town and had a hairstylist fix it.  There were several jokes at my expense, but I totally deserved it.

Also Noomi is obsessed with nail polish!

November 21, 2016

Weird stuff Noomi says

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So baby girl says the weirdest things.  It just cracks us up.   I thought I would take a moment to jot down a few of our favorites.

  1. At dinner one night, the whole family sitting around the table enjoying each others company.  I don’t remember what we were discussing, maybe the kids were telling us about their day or something like that, but it was a nice evening.  All of a sudden Noomi became silent, stares straight ahead and says, I am the darkness. 
  2. Last week we had a record high of 70 degrees… in November.   That warm weather hit some cool weather and we had an awesome thunderstorm.  We stood out on the deck watching the lightening and the rain finally drove us into the house.  As we stood there in silence and awe, Noomi says, I dream of fire.
  3. This morning I was driving the kids to school.  Both kids were talking at once about this and that and their plans for the day.   Noomi was talking to herself and said, D is for Death.

I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a crazy ax murderer. Otherwise, these cute little saying will have been vital warning signs that we completely missed, labeling them eccentricities of childhood and the landmark of imagination.

November 19, 2016

Baby showers and Trump

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Last week – Dave and I were only able to stay up till about 10 pm on Tuesday to watch election results roll in.  Both kids must have sensed our weakness because both were up three times throughout the night.  Apparently every time I got up with the kiddos, Dave checked his phone to gauge the polls.  At 4:30 am Dave was up and getting ready to work, when I asked who won?  He said, Donald Trump.  And just like that I was awake and could not get back to sleep.

Our Nation will never be the same, for better or worse, only time will tell.  However, the reality is that Trump’s platform of hate and divisiveness are now out there in the open and the country cannot pretend that it isn’t.  To pretend that he is just like any other President-elect is dangerous and naive.  That is when countries and people lose their way, pretending everything is normal.

He opened up many American’s frustration and anger.   He blamed various groups for real or perceived issues plaguing the country and promised to Make America Great Again.  In two or three years if Trump does not deliver these promises, those groups will be blamed and threatened.  It’s called scapegoating.   The Republican and Democratic parties have failed as they were too arrogant to see the simmering rage of a Nation.  I’m not sure if the Democratic party will ever recover or if it deserves to.  Trump has started listing out his cabinet nominees and the list would be comical if it wasn’t filled with such racists extremists.

Anyways, in non-political news, last week Noomi and I attended a baby shower for my cousin Nick and his fiance, Charly.  It was lovely and Noomi played so well with her other little cousins.  At one point though both Noomi and Clara (who is 2) escaped the watchfulness of a house full of women and ended up playing out side in the front yard unattended.  They were fine and thought it great fun.

November 8, 2016

To the pool!

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2016 has been a heavily contested election year with Trump and Clinton going head to head with increasing hostility among the population.  With so much about the elections at every turn we have opened up the conversation about politics and the candidates with the kids.  We think it important to have open conversations about what’s going on in the country (without getting into specifics about varies topics which are not child appropriate).

The other night at dinner Ajax proclaimed that he would vote for Clinton and Noomi protested that she would vote for Trump.  Noomi kept repeating Trump Trump and finally admitted that really she just liked saying the word.  Ajax could not articulate why he would vote for Clinton. We tried to caution that the most important thing is to keep an open mind and respect others decisions, which may be different from our own.   A life lesson which is applicable beyond the scope of politics for sure.

So with this much build up both kids were excited to accompany us to vote this morning.  They were of course sorely disappointed as it was pretty boring.  For some reason Noomi believed we were going swimming (pool/poll) and was quite annoyed that we only did some paperwork.  Ajax sat with Dave as he explained how he was voting and on what.  And Noomi sat on my lap watching as I voted for Clinton.   Dave finished before me and Ajax wandered over to talk to me.  He pointed out that – dad voted no on that proposal. I explained that was fine, and that we didn’t need to vote the same and I voted yes.   In total we were at the polls about 30 minutes. By far the longest it has ever taken us to vote in our tiny town.  Everyone’s mood at the polls were pleasant and upbeat and I think everyone was relieved to finally have this thing over with.

It’s currently 9:09 pm and the News says it’s still a toss up and a close race with Clinton having 97 electoral votes and Trump with 129.  Michigan is a battleground state and completely split at the moment.  It could go either way.



November 6, 2016

Weekend roundup

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Another busy weekend in the books.  Ya know our week days are pretty busy as well, so busy I don’t really have time to post.  But a few high points from last week – Noomi’s parent-teacher meeting. Mrs. Wilson said that Noomi is a pleasure to have in class and just a sweet little girl.  She is doing very well academically, hitting all the benchmarks for her age/level.  The only area that she needs to work on is communicating and problem solving with peers.  For example, right now if another student takes a toy from her, she will protest loudly (maybe with tears) and retreat to the teacher.  They are trying to teach her that the next step is to talk to the other student, ask them to return the toy, etc.  This, however, is still a huge leap from last year.  Last year, Noomi would not say anything if someone took her toy, she would retreat and sit there quietly.  Again, this is a big step for her and we’ll decide in early 2017 whether she should move into kindergarten or into young 5s.

Ajax concluded his school’s annual fundraiser with just over $100 thanks for some wonderful family and friends!  He was very excited and proud.

On Saturday, Noomi’s friend, Alyia, came over for a playdate.  Noomi was thrilled and to be honest it was nice having some other adult conversation!  During this time, Dave took Ajax to LCC for STEMFEST 2016!  A full day of science activities and exploration.  They had a blast exploring magnets, owl pellets, making slim, and building paper airplanes and houses out of cardboard boxes.   Afterwards, the guys got lunch and did a bit of shopping before heading home.  Instead of pizza and a movie (our usual Saturday night), we ended up doing pizza and a game!  The kids love Monopoly, but that game lasts for hours.  On a friend’s recommendation we picked up Monopoly Empire- which we can wrap up in about 45 minutes. Awesome!

On Sunday, we of course Fell back an hour, meaning the kids were up bright and early at 6:30 am per usual.    I did some freezer cooking, we all worked out (Ajax loves the treadmill, lol), and we also broke down a pallet.  Last week our new treadmill arrived and came on a 6ft pallet.  I’ve seen some interesting crafts using pallets and feel that I must try to use this pallet for some crafty endeavor.  We’ll see.  The kids and I tried to pull it apart with hammers and pry bars, but gave up after an hour with no luck.  Dave busted out the electric saw and had it apart in minutes.



November 2, 2016

Weekend updates

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A little out of order, but this past weekend was pretty busy.

On Saturday, we went trick-or-treating in downtown Williamston.  The weather was wonderful and the kids got a ton of candy.  Not like they needed a ton of candy, but there it is.   After running around downtown, we headed home to do a bit of work around the house. Dave cut the grass and the kids played outside with the neighbors.  They found a “fort” one of the older boys next door made and played a bit of war, army crawling from the “fort” and across the backyard.  The neighbors and I sat on their back porch talking and watching the kids play.  It was a lovely afternoon.

On Sunday, I had an early morning speaking engagement and by the time I got home and cleaned up we were lucky enough to babysit Baby Vivian!  Vivian was absolutely wonderful the entire time.  She helped us carve pumpkins and ran and ate everything in sight.

Overall, an awesome weekend.  Oh the kids also made waffles Saturday morning and they were wonderful.  Ajax read the recipe and Noomi stirred and stirred.  At one point though Noomi spilled a bit of flour and said, oh shit.  It cracked me up, but I did remind her that we don’t say that word.


November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

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Michigan cooperated and presented a lovely evening for trick-or-treating last night!  No rain, snow, or sleet!

Monday morning, Dave and I took Noomi to her pre-school Halloween party.  She did very well this year and was excited to play various Halloween games and even stood with her class for the photo.  She did not, however, sing along with the class’s Halloween song even though she’d been practicing for weeks at home.  She knew all the words and hand movements, but refused to sing.  Every now and then she’d catch my eyes and give me a huge smile and wave, but refused to sing.   Oh well, she was darn cute.  She was, of course, a monkey… again. Her choice.

In the afternoon, we attended Ajax’s classroom party and parade.  The high school marching band led the parade around the neighborhood.  We saw two kids dressed as Trump and one Clinton.  For his party I made red velvet cupcakes with skeletons on top.  Well, I guess one child saw the red and proclaimed that there was blood in them (obviously) and everyone refused to eat them.  Ajax took one and said, I took one of yours mom (my little guy is so considerate).  After his party we headed home for an early dinner.  Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gordy came over for trick-or-treating.  Ajax was a ninja… again.  Let me say that we tried to get the kids to pick out and make costumes a month ago, but neither seemed interested.  Then at the last minute Ajax was like, well I don’t care I’ll be a ninja again.  Really?

Grandpa and I took Noomi, and Dave took Ajax.  Ajax ran through our neighborhood and the one behind us.  Noomi couldn’t keep up, but actually made it to the end of our neighborhood and back.  Longest route to date!   We handed out about 450-500 pieces of candy and had a ton of kids this year with all the nice weather.  The kids were of course hyped up on the sugar and were a terrible pain to get up this morning.  Overall, however, an excellent Halloween!



October 23, 2016

Weekend roundup

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Another Fall weekend in the books!

On Friday evening, Aunt Emily and I took the kids to the PTSA Fall Festival.  Ajax ran wild with a group of his friends and played basketball, while Noomi was content eating popcorn before hitting the dance floor.  Now the thing about Noomi’s dancing is that she wants you (the adult) to dance with her which means holding onto her arms and catching/lifting her into the air while twirling in a circle.  Needless to say I got my workout in by spending close to an hour “dancing” with Noomi.

On Saturday, Noomi and I did some errands while Dave and Ajax hit up the track.   I took Noomi to get a haircut and she confidently told the stylist that she wanted shoulder length hair.  When it was finished I was worried she was going to cry as she didn’t seem very happy with the results, but then she shrugged and asked for a sucker.  I told her she looked great and she was happy with that!  We then picked up some new shoes for Noomi and then did our grocery shopping.  When we got home Ajax told us that he ran a mile and was very proud.  The neighbor kid came over for the afternoon and all three kids played well.

On Sunday, the guys went to the track and Noomi and I did our Insanity in the basement (as you can see the family is focused on getting in shape).  We then got cleaned up and headed to a friend’s Halloween party in Howell.  Ajax didn’t want to dress up, but Noomi was very excited to dress up.  She decided to be a ballerina/cowgirl (she started with being Darth Vader, then Darth Vader/princess, then a monkey).  It’s really anyone’s guess what she may be for Halloween.  Everyone had fun at the party and when we got home we did an early dinner and early bed.


October 17, 2016


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Last Friday I had the day off.  I had planned on volunteering in Ajax’s classroom and then picking up Noomi early.  When I explained that plan to Noomi, however, she said that actually she wanted to spend the day at school because she had a lot to do with her very good friend, Cruz.  Really?  Noomi has apparently hit the age where she has a social schedule and while hanging out with mom is fine, she clearly needs her friend time, lol.

While I was helping out in Ajax’s class, I noticed writing projects up on the wall regarding their favorite summer activities.  Ajax wrote about his camping trip this summer with Grandma, Papa, Aunt Theresa, Uncle Tim, Aunt Lisa, Noomi and Vivian.  Apparently his favorite this this summer were those awesome water slides!


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