July 25, 2016

Sun burns and Twin beds

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Well after our fun and sun filled Saturday, Ajax (and Dave) now have sunburns.  Sunday morning Ajax was complaining that his shoulders hurt and when he showed me I was shocked at how red they were.  He said, mom you didn’t put sunscreen on me.  I said, yes I did!  He explained that no, actually I had started putting sunscreen on him but didn’t finish.  Which actually sounds quite plausible.  Well, seven years with no sunburn – I’m going to call that a parenting win!

I also wanted to update that Noomi got a twin size bed a week ago as part of her big birthday celebration, complete with new owl bedding.  We had been keeping her in the smaller toddler bed and not only was she beginning to complain, but frankly she had outgrown it.   She loves her big bed and so far hasn’t fallen out. Another win!

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July 24, 2016

Family BBQ

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Yesterday we went to a family BBQ at Angie and BJ’s house in Oxford.  We were fortunate to have a lovely day.  There was plenty of shade, good food, and activities for the kiddos.  Actually, all the kids played exceptionally well together all day and into the evening.  There was a large pool, trampoline, sandbox, tree house with a slide and strategically placed slip n’ slide. There was also a pinata, which was a first for Noomi who took one good wack at it and then got embarrassed.   Noomi and Ajax surprised us by showing off how they could both go under water!  Ajax was also very brave and showing us how he could jump off the platform into the water.  Can not believe it.

The kids were so tired that the next day Ajax slept in till 8:20 am and Noomi didn’t get up till almost 10 am!


July 21, 2016

Summer lab days

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Summer camp was closed for a week in July due to construction.  My parents and Emily were nice enough to take the kiddos so that Dave and I didn’t have to juggle days off.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family – on both sides!   While the kids were at my parents’ home they spent quite a bit of time at the Lab.  They watched movies, played in the plaster room, washed rocks with brushes, and had races in the wheeled chairs.  That is also how I spent many many days growing up.   Hours and hours of mischief in the Lab with my sister and cousins, lol.

IMG_2593 (1)IMG_2585 (1)IMG_2583 (1)

July 20, 2016

Four year stats

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Today Ajax and I took Noomi to her 4 year well-child visit.  I had previously promised Noomi no shots, but of course that turned out to be a lie.  Ajax asked to wait in the lobby so that he didn’t have to hear her cry because she received 3 shots (chickenpox, MMR, and dTAP).  It was rough going.  All the way home Ajax talked to her and tried to comfort her, saying it was going to be alright!  On the upside, the doctor said she is perfectly healthy and right on target with her development.  She was 38.6 lb (75-90%) and 41.5 inches tall (75%).

2016-06-07 06.51.51.jpg

July 19, 2016

Baby Vivian’s First Birthday!

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Sorry our timeline is a little out of sorts… we’ve had a busy summer!

On July 10th we all headed to Ypsi for Baby Vivian’s first birthday party!  The kids were very excited and had a blast celebrating.  There were of course a ton of cousins and other kids to play with. A pool and slip and slide, which was wonderful as it was very hot, probably mid 80s- low 90s.  Lisa was in town and overall everyone had a wonderful time.  Cannot believe Vivian is a year old already.

July 18, 2016

Noomi’s 4th Birthday!

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I asked Noomi this morning how old she was.  She stated that she was 5.  She went on to explain that she had 2 parties so she was 5.  I guess that makes sense right?

We celebrated her birthday on the 12th and then her Big Party was Saturday the 16th.  For her party she settled for a combo – Frozen/Darth Vader party – as she is a fan of both!  We set up an obstacle course in the backyard complete with a water balloon toss and jeep pull with 40 lbs of weight.  We also had a “make your own lightsaber” station out of pool noodles.  And then of course there was the promise I’d made to Noomi that we could invite all her friends from school, which meant all 20+ kids in her class.  Our thinking was that it was the middle of summer and most certainly would not be able to attend.  Well to our surprise about 10 were in fact able to make it.  Now add to that another 7 in family/friends and you have close to 20 kids, plus accompanying adults and family.

We readily admit that we lost control of the situation almost immediately.  There were kids running wild and in every direction.  There were some tears and multiple warnings that there were no head shots with the light sabers.  We had to keep herding kids out of the house and of course there was a wild grab and semi-water balloon fight.  Noomi had a blast.  The rest of the kids had a blast.  Success!

Noomi enjoyed her BB8 cake that Emily and I made, though she hid her face in Grandma Mary’s shirt the whole time people sang.  She opened her gifts in front of people and then like a pack of wild animals all the kids seemed to pile into her room and tore open most of the gifts.   I spent a solid 2 hours on Sunday cleaning and organizing Noomi’s room.

Overall, Dave and I learned some valuable lessons and will never have that many kids at the house for a party again.  But, it was Noomi’s party and she loved it, which makes it worth it.  Ajax cannot wait for his Big Party in 2017, lol.

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July 12, 2016

Noomi’s birthday!

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Today Noomi is officially 4 years old!  Where has the time gone?  How have we been so lucky to have such a smart, funny and energetic little girl?

2016-07-17 12.01.03

2016-07-17 12.01.08

July 4, 2016

Fourth of July 2016!

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This Fourth of July weekend we headed up to Mikado!

We left Friday morning and cruised all the way to Bay City with hardly any traffic.  We stopped for a late breakfast/early lunch at Cracker Barrel (the kids favorite) and then got back on the road.  When we got up north the kids pulled out their John Deere peddle cars and tractors and proceeded to wash and “fix” them. They then hooked up various trailers, pulled out tools and got to work.   Papa gave Ajax some tools to help their work – for example a hack saw to cut up PVC which he kept clamping with C-clamps.  Noomi loaded up the front bucket of her tractor.   Ajax was also taught how to use an axe and machete this trip, so I guess he’s a man now, lol.

On Saturday, Dave and I took the kids canoeing for the first time down the Au Sable River.  Grandma Dara and Papa, opted to stay home.  Ajax was a bit nervous starting out, even though Noomi kept reassuring him that we were not going to tip over and that everything “was OK!”   We stopped for lunch at a shallow area and the kids played in the water.  For the last half of our journey both kids crammed in front with me, with Ajax scrunched down low and Noomi standing up “paddling” with me kneeling behind her so that she didn’t topple overboard. Overall, we were gone about an hour and a half.  We got out a spot called Whirlpool and Papa came and picked us up with the truck.  I don’t have pictures of our trip as Dave refused to give me my phone since I just recently broke it.

On Saturday night we headed into Harrisville to meet up with Dave’s cousins and then we all walked down to the beach and watched the fireworks over Lake Huron.  Ajax did wonderful and insisted on sitting with the other kids- Ali,Bella, and Jason, and did not appear overly concerned about the loud noises (though once or twice he did come over to check in with us).

On Sunday, we played around the house, the neighbors brought over their 4 wheeler and we all took turns on it- Papa, Dave, and I.  We also all took Ajax for a ride, who loved it.  Noomi refused to go on it.  It was a blast though as I’d forgotten how fun they were.  There was a BBQ with family and lots of good food.  S’mores of course and lots of cake and treats.  Dave’s cousin, Jason, also brought up some guns so they went out back for some target shooting.  One “toy” was an AR-15 and I had to take a turn at that one.

On Sunday night we headed home and both kids zonked out immediately.  Dave and I therefore had a quiet and traffic free ride home. It was lovely.  Overall, it was wonderful seeing Grandma Dara and Papa, I haven’t been up north in a while and it was lovely to relax and have fun!

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June 29, 2016

Memphis and Las Vegas

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What a busy week it was.  Last week on Tuesday, grandma Dara, grandpa Rod, aunt Theresa, uncle Tim, and baby Vivian, swung into town and picked up the kiddos for a road trip to Memphis!  Aunt Lisa met them at the campground in Memphis.

It seems the kids were ok in the car and beyond excited for their trip.  In honor of Rod’s birthday he was the honorary duck master at the Peabody Hotel, how cool is that? !  They “camped” in their luxurious air conditioned RV at a outstanding KOA camp ground.  The kids lived in the pool the entire week.  They went down water slides, Ajax used his boogie board, and Noomi learned how to go underwater without plugging her nose (at age 3!  there were other little kids there diving for rings and Noomi said – I can do that!).  Ajax still refuses to go underwater, but we’re working on.  He loved the water slide.  Apparently there were lots of other activities for kids, but Ajax and Noomi refused to leave the pool.

Everyone had a great time watching the duck parade.  What an awesome experience.  They also went to a restaurant that throws dinner rolls at guests.  Ajax missed the first roll and it bounced off another patron sitting nearby, but he totally caught the second.  The camping trip lasted from Tuesday night to Saturday and it seems neither kid wanted to come home.

While the kids were gone, I was in Las Vegas for the annual immigration conference and Dave ended up taking a day off work and did absolutely nothing, which was much needed given the extensive hours he’s been working lately.

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June 12, 2016

Summer Weekend

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What a lovely, busy, hot summer weekend!

On Saturday morning, we bummed around the house- kids got up at 6 am of course.  I tried to sleep in but around 7 or so they were yelling at me to get out of bed.  We ended up heading outside early to let Dave sleep, plus it was already ridiculously hot outside.  The kids played outside with the neighbor kids, who oddly enough were also up pretty early.  I warned them that we had to get going early into town, but somehow that was lost in translation because before I knew it all the neighborhood kids were sitting in the giant hole in the backyard trying to excavate a tunnel.   Needless to say everyone needed a bath before heading to Livonia.

We dropped the kids off at my aunt Liz’s house and then headed to my cousin Luke’s wedding in Dearborn.  The kids were pumped to visit my aunt.  My cousin, Mike and Ryan, were there as well, and it appeared the kids had the run of the place – playing in the pool, building Legos, going to the park, watching cartoons, and eating chicken nuggets for dinner.  To be honest, they didn’t want to come home with us and Noomi cried, that she wanted to come back tomorrow.

Luke and Kelsy’s wedding was lovely and it was very nice seeing family.  It was a bit hot, ranging in the 95-98 degrees.  It was so hot that between the ceremony and reception we walked to a bar in downtown Dearborn for a cocktail and to cool off, as the wedding was outdoors.

On Sunday, it was also our neighbor’s daughter’s graduation party.  The kids were so excited by the tent in the backyard that right after breakfast Ajax couldn’t wait to run next door to see if they needed any help.   Noomi and I ran into town and checked out the Farmer’s Market and then swung by the grocery store.  When we got home the party was in full force next door and the kids had a great time.  They of course ate a dozen cupcakes and played with the neighborhood kids in the backyard.

Around 4 pm we decided to head up to the track in town and do a little running before dinner.  The kids love going to the track and end up playing in the bleachers, in the sand at the long jump, or simply trying to run laps.  After the run we came home, had dinner and then crashed hard!

2016-06-11 15.50.032016-06-11 16.13.122016-06-11 16.21.43IMG951925IMG952768IMG952961IMG957716

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