August 7, 2016

Weekends around home

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Another lovely summer weekend in the books.

Saturday we headed to Ypsi for a family dinner.  Lisa was in town for vacation, Rod and Dara were down, so the whole family was there.   It was lovely!   The kids played in the pool and board games.  We also raided Aunt Theresa’s nail polish supply- Noomi picked out several colors, Ajax painted Theresa’s toe nails, and I got my nails done as well!  Ajax also asked for one toe nail painted (black) and then immediately had us take it off when we got home.

On Sunday, we bummed around.  Noomi and I went grocery shopping. Noomi of course wore her fanciest outfit and talked throughout our entire trip.   While we were gone, Dave and Ajax cleaned the house, folded laundry, and played a few computer games.

Ajax played with his friend, Sam, from next door.  Actually, it seems if Ajax isn’t at Sam’s house, Sam is at our house.  It’s so cool that Ajax has a buddy that lives so close that the two can just run to each other’s homes.  This of course makes Noomi angry that I won’t let her run around the neighborhood, but again – she’s only 4.   Dave and Noomi ended up going for a bike ride and then setting up the sprinkler, and I worked in the kitchen.   I made yogurt, granola, cooked beef for quick dinners this week, sausage breakfast muffins, and then made Parmesan garlic noodles and roasted carrots for dinner.  Overall, a productive weekend!

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August 3, 2016

National Night Out

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Last night was National Night Out and Williamston held it’s own Night Out party in McCormick park.  I picked up the kids from summer camp and we got to the park and we headed to the park.  There was a fire truck with its ladder extended into the air above the parking lot spraying down water from the hose.  There were two bouncy houses and lots of games, crafts and face painting for the kids.  There was also free dinner, which meant I didn’t have to cook!   The plan was for us to stay for a few hours and then Dave would get the kids home into bed and I would stay to volunteer at the PTSA tent at 8 pm.  The kids ended up having so much fun, however, that Dave met us at the park after work and then we all stayed till 9 pm and helped clean up.  Overall, the kids had so much fun.  There were a ton of their friends and the kids had a blast!

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August 2, 2016


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Tonight when I was tucking Noomi into bed she asked me if I could fly.  I told her that I could not.  She said, oh well I can.  She proceeded to explain that the trick to flying was to run really really fast and then land with both feet and to kick off into the sky and hold up your arms like this (she then held her arms up into the air).  Shen then told me that I could hold her hand and then I could fly with her too.

Can that be any cuter?  Also, keep in mind that Noomi can’t really pronounce the ‘r’ in really which make it even more cuter.  I remember that at the end of last year the teacher and I talked about possible speech therapy if Noomi continued having a hard time with certain sounds.

August 1, 2016


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The kids and I have had a long weekend, which has extended to today, as I had Friday and Monday off from work.

On Friday we had friends come over for lunch who were visiting from Tennessee and then my cousin, Ryan, came over for dinner.   I made one of Dave’s favorite dinners as he’d had a stressful week and then due to a terrible thunder storm it took him 4 hours to get home, missing dinner.  Apparently highways were closed, streets flooded and all around chaos in metro-Detroit.

On Saturday, we had an impromptu shower for my cousin Kaylie, which involved lunch and some shopping at the mall with my mom, sister, Kaylie, and Adrian’s mom.  We then came home, picked up the kids and went to the Williamston Art Festival.  The kids weren’t too impressed with the art but loved the giant bounce house.  After Fridays drive, Dave refused to leave the house, lol.

On Sunday, the kids and I worked in the garden and played outside.  Ajax was thrilled with the amount of brochilli we harvested – mom we’ll save so much money!   They took old shoe boxes and went hunting for critters.   We also took a family bike ride up to the park before dinner.  Overall, a very pleasant summer weekend!

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July 25, 2016

Sun burns and Twin beds

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Well after our fun and sun filled Saturday, Ajax (and Dave) now have sunburns.  Sunday morning Ajax was complaining that his shoulders hurt and when he showed me I was shocked at how red they were.  He said, mom you didn’t put sunscreen on me.  I said, yes I did!  He explained that no, actually I had started putting sunscreen on him but didn’t finish.  Which actually sounds quite plausible.  Well, seven years with no sunburn – I’m going to call that a parenting win!

I also wanted to update that Noomi got a twin size bed a week ago as part of her big birthday celebration, complete with new owl bedding.  We had been keeping her in the smaller toddler bed and not only was she beginning to complain, but frankly she had outgrown it.   She loves her big bed and so far hasn’t fallen out. Another win!

2016-07-24 09.56.562016-07-24 14.23.542016-07-24 14.24.342016-07-24 14.24.48

July 24, 2016

Family BBQ

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Yesterday we went to a family BBQ at Angie and BJ’s house in Oxford.  We were fortunate to have a lovely day.  There was plenty of shade, good food, and activities for the kiddos.  Actually, all the kids played exceptionally well together all day and into the evening.  There was a large pool, trampoline, sandbox, tree house with a slide and strategically placed slip n’ slide. There was also a pinata, which was a first for Noomi who took one good wack at it and then got embarrassed.   Noomi and Ajax surprised us by showing off how they could both go under water!  Ajax was also very brave and showing us how he could jump off the platform into the water.  Can not believe it.

The kids were so tired that the next day Ajax slept in till 8:20 am and Noomi didn’t get up till almost 10 am!


July 21, 2016

Summer lab days

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Summer camp was closed for a week in July due to construction.  My parents and Emily were nice enough to take the kiddos so that Dave and I didn’t have to juggle days off.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family – on both sides!   While the kids were at my parents’ home they spent quite a bit of time at the Lab.  They watched movies, played in the plaster room, washed rocks with brushes, and had races in the wheeled chairs.  That is also how I spent many many days growing up.   Hours and hours of mischief in the Lab with my sister and cousins, lol.

IMG_2593 (1)IMG_2585 (1)IMG_2583 (1)

July 20, 2016

Four year stats

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Today Ajax and I took Noomi to her 4 year well-child visit.  I had previously promised Noomi no shots, but of course that turned out to be a lie.  Ajax asked to wait in the lobby so that he didn’t have to hear her cry because she received 3 shots (chickenpox, MMR, and dTAP).  It was rough going.  All the way home Ajax talked to her and tried to comfort her, saying it was going to be alright!  On the upside, the doctor said she is perfectly healthy and right on target with her development.  She was 38.6 lb (75-90%) and 41.5 inches tall (75%).

2016-06-07 06.51.51.jpg

July 19, 2016

Baby Vivian’s First Birthday!

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Sorry our timeline is a little out of sorts… we’ve had a busy summer!

On July 10th we all headed to Ypsi for Baby Vivian’s first birthday party!  The kids were very excited and had a blast celebrating.  There were of course a ton of cousins and other kids to play with. A pool and slip and slide, which was wonderful as it was very hot, probably mid 80s- low 90s.  Lisa was in town and overall everyone had a wonderful time.  Cannot believe Vivian is a year old already.

July 18, 2016

Noomi’s 4th Birthday!

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I asked Noomi this morning how old she was.  She stated that she was 5.  She went on to explain that she had 2 parties so she was 5.  I guess that makes sense right?

We celebrated her birthday on the 12th and then her Big Party was Saturday the 16th.  For her party she settled for a combo – Frozen/Darth Vader party – as she is a fan of both!  We set up an obstacle course in the backyard complete with a water balloon toss and jeep pull with 40 lbs of weight.  We also had a “make your own lightsaber” station out of pool noodles.  And then of course there was the promise I’d made to Noomi that we could invite all her friends from school, which meant all 20+ kids in her class.  Our thinking was that it was the middle of summer and most certainly would not be able to attend.  Well to our surprise about 10 were in fact able to make it.  Now add to that another 7 in family/friends and you have close to 20 kids, plus accompanying adults and family.

We readily admit that we lost control of the situation almost immediately.  There were kids running wild and in every direction.  There were some tears and multiple warnings that there were no head shots with the light sabers.  We had to keep herding kids out of the house and of course there was a wild grab and semi-water balloon fight.  Noomi had a blast.  The rest of the kids had a blast.  Success!

Noomi enjoyed her BB8 cake that Emily and I made, though she hid her face in Grandma Mary’s shirt the whole time people sang.  She opened her gifts in front of people and then like a pack of wild animals all the kids seemed to pile into her room and tore open most of the gifts.   I spent a solid 2 hours on Sunday cleaning and organizing Noomi’s room.

Overall, Dave and I learned some valuable lessons and will never have that many kids at the house for a party again.  But, it was Noomi’s party and she loved it, which makes it worth it.  Ajax cannot wait for his Big Party in 2017, lol.

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