May 22, 2016


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A few updates going on over here, apologize for the delay.

Ajax is wrapping up karate.  We decided with summer coming on and Dave’s hectic work schedule we’d take a break this summer.  We signed the kids up for swim lessons this summer anyways and our rule is – one activity at a time.  He doesn’t seem to mind either way and is already taking about soccer, lol.

Noomi is also finishing up creative movements.  Her recital is next weekend and we’re predicting that, although she’ll be forced onto the stage she’ll probably freeze and sit on the ground.   We’ll most likely sign her up for dance again in the Fall as she does appear to enjoy it.

On the family front- we had the Ice Cream Social at the school which the kids loved.  Noomi, however, freaked out and refused to go on a pony ride (who refuses a pony ride? the pony was adorable and its name was Snuggle or Snickers or something like that).  Dave has been working a ton and recently took at 3 day work trip to Canada.   Grandma Dara was in the hospital for a few days in Alpena so Dave went up north this past weekend.  We didn’t take the kids as – 1. Grandma needs rest and quiet, and 2. We didn’t want to overly scare the kids.  We did tell them that Grandma was in the hospital, but doing ok, and that was enough to concern Ajax who understands that going to the hospital means something. Update – Grandma is doing well and out of the hospital.

When Dave was up north the kids and I did our usual home routine- cleaning, shopping, etc.  We also went to the park on Saturday to volunteer and did a couple hours of work staining and cleaning.

On a side note – now that Ajax is able to go outside on his own (the big 7) he and the neighborhood kids are running amoke.  He and his little buddy, Sam, are all over the place. Currently, they are building a stick fort in the backyard.

Noomi is too young to be out by herself, but so far she hasn’t minded being home with me. She has, however, been telling some wild stories.  For example, the other night at dinner she kept talking about her big sister and how, unfortunately, her big sister died.  Ajax and I stared at her agasp- No Noomi No!  But Noomi said, oh yea, I do and she died… my cat also died.  Noomi no, we said, that’s terrible no one died.  We went around and around with Ajax getting more and more upset.     So there you go.

Pictures will be forth coming.



May 2, 2016

Yellow Belt

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Last week Ajax took his belt test and was bumped up to a yellow belt.  He can count to 10 in Korean and can do blocking set 2 solo (I imagine in 6 months I will completely forget what that entails).   As he’s a yellow belt and just turned 7, Master Shinn bumped him up into the next class and I must say it’s a bit more intense than Tiger Tots.  Like a lot more intense and Ajax is a bit lost.  It’s almost like there should have been an intermediate step between the two classes.  Oh well, Ajax appears to be enjoying it and we only plan on keeping him in it till the end of May.  With summer coming things get so hectic we won’t have the time for it anyhow.

Here are some pictures from his test –

May 1, 2016

Girls road trip, boys night out

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This past weekend Noomi and I hit the road with my folks and headed to Fort Wayne, IN, to visit family and see my cousin in a ballet performance.  Noomi was so excited to see the ballot and my cousin’s recital was wonderful!  My aunt also surprised Noomi with a ballot outfit, tutu, and sparkly shoes.  Noomi was in heaven, lol.   She actually had a bit too much fun because on Sunday she napped for four hours straight.

While we were gone, the guys ordered pizza and a movie.  They put together a Lego set and worked outside.  Ajax also ran a bit wild through the neighborhood with the other kiddos and had a general good time.  Apparently he also dug several holes and made a mud city with the little boy down the street.  His shoes are a mess.


April 4, 2016

Cinnamon rolls

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I need to take a moment to share with you this cinnamon roll recipe because it is wonderful. Simply wonderful. As a matter of fact it has now been included in our Family Favorite recipe book.   Ajax requested them for his birthday breakfast and then devoured three.  The recipe is from Pioneer Woman and I highly recommend it!

Here’s the link-

This recipe did make seven pans of rolls so we ended up freezing some and the maple frosting is incredible!


April 3, 2016


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How on earth do I have a 7 year old?   Well we do and he is one cool kiddo.  This year was his family party so we had the usual suspects over!  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin!  We started this morning with homemade cinnamon rolls per his request.  One’s birthday breakfast is a big deal in this home.  Usually it involves sprinkle pancakes, but this year Ajax surprised us with cinnamon rolls.  I must say they were awesome!  As it was his birthday we let him eat as many as he wanted.  He finished 3 and Noomi had 2.5.  Could not believe it.

Ajax of course asked for a Stars Wars party because that is his favorite thing right now.   Legos and Stars Wars, that’s a big part of our conversation these days, lol.   Ajax had a great party and didn’t get hardly as embarrassed with everyone sang happy birthday.  Thank you everyone!   Both kids got light sabers and were thrilled beyond words.  Noomi bought Ajax a Darth Vader action figure for Ajax.  She went up and down the aisles at the store for the longest time and when she saw the toy, she snatched it up – oh he’ll love this!   Well, let’s be honest Noomi loves Vader but Ajax seemed to like it as well.

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April 1, 2016


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Last Friday Ajax was in school, I had the day off so of course it was a girls day out.  Noomi and I did some errands and shopping in the morning and then, as promised, I took her to get a hair cut.  The day before she watched as I cut Ajax’s hair (by that I mean I buzzed it which is the extent of my hair cutting abilities) and she was adamant that I cut her hair as well.  I explained that her hair was complicated and we needed to have a professional do it.  I told her we needed a hair clean up. So all morning she kept saying we were headed to the clean up people.

She had been talking up a storm, right to the point when she climbed up into the salon chair. Then she stopped talking and dropped her chin to her chest and refused to talk.  The guy cutting her hair was very very nice and patient so we kept up a constant stream of chatter.   Noomi loved getting her hair cut.  She’d sneak a smile every now and then and really did enjoy it.  We had it cut to just below her shoulders, though she wanted it shorter.

March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

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The Saturday before Easter we took the kids to an egg hunt in town.  My parents and Aunt Liz and Cousin Ryan also met us up there.  Neither kid really gets into egg hunts, they aren’t terribly aggressive and certainly aren’t in any hurry to collect plastic eggs.  Both kids saw friends from school so at least that was nice.  Afterwards, everyone headed back to our house for an early dinner and visit.  Emily and Adrian also came over, so it was a very enjoyable day!

Easter Sunday started around 6:30 with Ajax up and ready to go.  We made him lay down till 7 am, but at 7 on the dot he was up searching for his Easter basket.  Ajax found his almost immediately but then helped Noomi hunt for hers.

After breakfast we headed into Dearborn to my grandpa Nader’s house and then to Theresa and Tim’s in Ypsi to see the rest of the family.  We’re getting closer to having a nicer picture of all three kiddos.  Baby Vivian is crawling all over the place and starting to pull herself up on things.   Ajax took her for a few walks (with papa) up and down the street and both kids entertained her with bubbles.

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March 24, 2016

Winter parent-teacher meetings

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Today, with both kids in tow, I headed to the schools for parent-teacher meetings.  Unfortunately, Dave had to work in Dearborn and couldn’t make it.

First up was Noomi’s meeting with her teachers Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith.  In short, they said Noomi was an absolute treasure to have in class, a truly lovely child.  They said it has been amazing watching her grow and open up this past year.  She is starting to speak up for herself, which is something she didn’t do at the beginning of the year.  She is also enjoying gym and running with the other boys and girls, where as in the beginning of the year she was hesitant and hovered on the side.  She is also doing well counting to ten and recognizing her letters.  She is holding the pencil with a three point grip and can spell her name.   She also did very well recognizing patterns and sorting.  Again, just a glowing review.  We did talk about her language development and they said that the “ka” noise generally doesn’t come till 4, so they weren’t so worried.  If it persists we’ll make a plan with a speech therapist next year.

Next was Ajax and he also received a solid review.  The teacher said Ajax was one cool kid and doing well in class, though at times he could be a bit stubborn.  Actually, she said – when he sees a real or perceived injustice or someone not following the rules he will be the first to point it out and debate the topic… passionately.   She suggested he may be a civil rights attorney when he grows up.  She said she is constantly impressed with how polite he is in class and she can always count on him for almost adult-type politeness.   She said that academically he’s moved beyond the “bench mark” stage and she would consider him an advanced learner.   He’s a great reader and is doing well in math.  Overall, a great review.

The kids are still enjoying the boxes. Dave has dubbed our living room full of boxes as West Box-a-delphia.  As an extension they’ve been playing with these cardboard tubes and of course they are now swords, light sabers (Noomi walks around saying- pew pew pew. As a side note, her favorite character in Star Wars is Darth Vader and she’s starting to do this evil deep laugh when she’s the bad guy).

March 12, 2016

X rays and splints

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Last week on Tuesday I picked up the kids from school and the teacher told me that Ajax had fallen on the playground and hurt his wrist.  She explained that they put ice on it and it wasn’t swollen, but he seemed uncomfortable.

We got home and Ajax complained a bit about his wrist, but not much. When he woke up in the middle of the night, however, in pain, Dave and I became slightly worried.  That didn’t stop us from packing him up and sending him to school on Wednesday morning, telling him that he was fine.

After a few hours of deliberating at work (and my mom reminding me that Emily had broken her wrist in a similar fashion) I ran to school and picked him and took him to the doctors.  They did an X ray and while it wasn’t broken, they put him in a splint for a week.  First child issues!


March 7, 2016

Flying side kick

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Bragging moment!  Ajax came home from karate last week and was beyond proud to declare that he broke a board in class with a flying side kick!  He has been waiting and waiting for this and was so proud.  He broke it on the first try!

2016-03-02 19.12.28

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