September 25, 2016

Up north and quiet times

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Friday was a 1/2 day at school for the kids so we decided that it was ok for them to play a little hookie.  Papa picked them up Thursday on his way home from Warren and they were beyond excited to be headed up north.  We tried to get them to stay home and have dinner, but Papa made promises of McDonalds so before we knew it both kids were sitting in the car asking us to close the door so that they could leave.

While up north, both kids received their flu shots- I guess Noomi was ok, but they pretty much had to hold Ajax down.  He gave me a thorough lecture about it when he got home on Sunday (as somehow I was to blame).   Noomi and grandma Dara went shopping in Alpena and of course Noomi came home with treasures.

The kids also worked quite a bit hauling wood up to great grandma’s house on the gator.  Apparently they worked very very hard and were rewarded with $20 each from great grandma.  Now normally, I do not like the kids being paid for doing work at grandparents’ houses because that’s just expected, however, you can’t really tell that to great grandma. lol.  On Sunday when the kids were exploring in the woods they found a “bear trap” and were super excited.

Papa brought them home on Sunday and boy were they tired.  They were full of stories at dinner about their adventure.  We asked Noomi if she had a good time up north and she kept saying no, she didn’t go “up north” she went to grandma and papa’s house.

While the kiddos were gone Dave and I had a completely lazy weekend.  I hadn’t realized how tired we were, but goodness did we just chill.


September 20, 2016

Mini Mudder

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This past weekend we headed to Brooklyn for Tough Mudder!

On Saturday, Dave and I volunteered all day.  We were responsible for Water Station 1 in Zone 2.  We cut bananas and handed out cups all day to over 7,000 people. It was a ton of fun.   While we were volunteering the kids hung at my parents’ house with a family friend.  My parents were in Seattle for my cousin Andre’s wedding.

On Sunday, Grandma Dara and Papa met us in Brooklyn and we checked into MIS for Ajax’s Mini Mudder.  In total a 1 mile course with several awesome obstacles.   At first Ajax was a bit nervous looking over the course, but as soon as that whistle blew and he started running the course he had a blast!  We were able to follow along with him and had a great time watching and encouraging him and all the other little mudders.  Noomi had a great time running around, but was angry that she couldn’t do it as well.  Afterwards we went out for a celebratory lunch and then headed home to Williamston.

Ajax has been talking nonstop about his Mini Mudder and cannot wait for next year.  He keeps asking if we think Everest will be bigger next year, lol.



September 11, 2016

First day of PreSchool

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A little catch-up here!

On Sept. 6 it was Noomi’s first day of four year old preschool. She has Mrs. Wilson again and quite a few new kids in her class.  She was beyond excited.   I’ve already talked to the teacher about a referral to the school’s speech therapist as there are still some sounds that Noomi isn’t consistently making.  This year she also has homework- draw a picture of yourself, have someone read a story to you, sing Wheels on the Bus, and jump up and down as many times as you can (she did 7).  Oh Noomi said she wanted to be a turtle when she grows up.  Ajax offered up that perhaps she wanted to be a cool scientist and transform herself into a turtle.  Noomi steadfastly refused such a ridiculous concept and stated she absolutely wanted to a real life turtle with a shell and everything.   They went back and forth and Noomi ended up in tears asking if she could be a turtle. I told her of course she can be a turtle.

I also had a birthday- yea 35!  Dave surprised me with a Sander’s Bumpy Cake!   Today was also Mr. Dave’s birthday – 36!  He was feeling a bit under the weather so to give him some quiet time I took the kids to the farmers market and then to the playground.  Good times!

So far Ajax is really enjoying his class and is doing very well.   Getting him to talk about his day is still like pulling teeth.  It’s almost impossible to find out what’s going on.  I know that he sits with three other kids and that the two girls he sits with are very quiet.  I know that he plays tag and football on recess.  He loves gym and Spanish and is an incredible reader.  We’re excited to see what he does this year!



September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

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Well Labor Day always signals the sad end of summer here in Michigan. It may snow next week for all we know.

On Sunday we decided to take the kids to Lake Lansing.  It’s only a 10 minute drive from the house and we thought the kids would love one last swim.  We got to the park and the kids played on the huge wood playground before heading to the beach.  The kids swam and played for hours.  They had so much fun.  We were all in and out of the water several times between eating, playing in the sand, and swimming.  Unfortunately, we will never visit Lake Lansing again.  Dave stated that there was a pungent smell, cloudy/murky water, and then of course there was the fact that Ajax found two 3 inch rusty nails and the greater part of a glass bottle.  When he picked up the shard of bottle the size of my hand I declared that we were leaving.  We got home, cleaned up and then had friends over for dinner.

On Monday we bummed around a bit.  We all went up to the track for a family run and then when we got home we investigated our neighbor’s garage sale.  Noomi walked away happily with a glass cat and Ajax “negotiated” for some game system for the Wii.  The neighbor happily wanted to give it to him, but I said no.  Ajax proudly said that he had $3 so the neighbor said, ok I’ll sell it to you for $3.  Sold!  Ajax also went to the park with his friend’s family and they topped it off with ice cream.  We got the kids into bed a little early today as they have school tomorrow- it’s actually Noomi’s first day of 4 year old preschool… which is really just like 3 year old preschool, but I believe she gets homework now, lol.

No pictures as we were just too busy!

September 4, 2016

Pete’s Dragon

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Yesterday we “kicked  butt around the house” (this is one of my dad’s all time classic phrases from when I was growing up) and got the house straightened up, got the yard organized, and generally took care of things that needed doing.  Laundry needs to be done, but hey no worries.

After all the hard work we decided to take the kids to a movie in town – Pete’s Dragon.  It was playing at the little movie theater at 7 pm.  The kids were beyond excited to go to the movies.  Plus it was an evening movie which they thought was extra cool.  Each kid gobbled up their candy and enjoyed the movie.   We realized that actually this was our first time going to the movies as a family.  What a treat!

August 29, 2016

Second Grade

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Can’t believe Ajax is in the second grade. How did that happen?

This morning he was the first person up and super pumped to start his day.  He’d laid out his clothes the night before and could hardly contain his excitement.   Noomi was also pumped, though her first day isn’t until next week.  She also picked out her own clothes and did her own hair.

We dropped off Noomi at daycare and then walked to Ajax’s school where he stood at the spot for his class.  He doesn’t know many kids in his class, but was pretty happy.   I waited with him for a while and asked if he wanted me to go to his classroom with him, but he said no and that I was OK to go, lol.  His teacher, Mrs. Gienapp, then came out and collected the class.

After school I picked up the kids, but Ajax hardly tells me about his day!  He said that he played with his friend Max and Logan at recess (they aren’t in the same class this year for obvious reasons).  They ate lunch together because now they can chose where they sit (he was excited because he got to sit at the round tables).  He said his teacher was nice and that we forgot his scissors.  We didn’t but I realize we put them in the wrong spot during orientation last week – I have already emailed his teacher.  I think he is going to have a wonderful year.

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August 28, 2016

Week off and then back to the grind

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Well I had this past week off with the kiddos. Though I ended up having to head into Detroit on Wednesday, which was a bummer, but worked out in the end.

We started our week by heading to Brooklyn and leaving Dave with a quiet house.  We went fishing and swimming with Grandpa Gordy and the kids had fun playing in the lab.  Jill was visiting Michigan so the kids had fun with her and of course were shocked when they noticed she didn’t have any legs.  You’d think they would remember something like that from year to year, but they don’t.   My parents kept the kiddos on Wednesday as well while I was in Detroit and then Auntie Emily brought them home.

On Thursday we did some general house cleaning and laundry. Both kids had jobs and while Ajax did his without much complaint, I really had to work to keep Noomi on task.  I’m definitely seeing the difference between the First Child and the Baby of the Family, lol.

Thursday night we headed to the school where the kids helped me work the PTSA table.  Dave met us up there and then we all headed to Ajax’s classroom to meet his teacher- Mrs. Gienapp.  She seems lovely and his classroom was very welcoming.  They actually have individual desks this year and that seemed very cool to me.  Ajax wasn’t swayed either way and seems generally neutral about starting the second grade.

On Friday the kids and I had dentist appointments.  Ajax did great and went right with Dr. John for his cleaning.  Noomi, however, was having none of it.  Her dentist, Dr. Ana even came in to see her (she actually had the day off, but came in specifically to see Noomi!).  After much persuading Noomi sat on my lap and allowed Dr. Ana to clean her teeth.  Dr. John said that Ajax got his 6 year old molars in, which we hadn’t realized.

Afterwards, we headed to Brighton to visit my cousin, Wendy, and her family.  The kids had so much fun – they ran, swam, and even played on a zip line Wendy has in her backyard.  After watching the older kids, Noomi declared that she too wanted to try it. And try it she did. Before long she was jumping off the step, into the air, and holding her legs straight out in front of her.  They had a great time.

Saturday and Sunday flew by.  Noomi had a birthday party at Impression 5, Dave and Ajax went to the library, and Sunday was spent with freezer cooking.  We’re beat. We got both kids into bed early as Ajax starts school tomorrow!!  (Noomi starts after Labor Day).  Exciting times.

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August 13, 2016

Weekend roundup

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Another weekend in the books over here.

On Saturday morning Ajax and I headed to the mall for some school shopping.  Ajax had requested a specific type of tennis shoe for school, which meant like a crazy mom I had searched several stores and the internet to no avail, finally dragging him to the mall with me to try things on.   He complained the whole time, but managed to find shoes and some new shirts.  I negotiated a deal where he’ll wear jeans two days a week and swishy pants three days a week. We’ll see how that goes.  We didn’t have time to pick up pants as Ajax hit his limit, so we grabbed lunch and did some grocery shopping before heading home.

While Ajax and I were shopping, Dave and Noomi did some work around the house- they fixed the sink and got an oil change.  When we got home we did our usual Saturday night – pizza and a movie.  Ajax, however, wasn’t into the movie and complained that he wasn’t feeling well.  At 6:30 pm he got up and put himself to bed and after taking his temp we realized he had a fever of 101.5.

On Sunday, we bummed around the house. Ajax was feeling better and devoured four cinnamon rolls for breakfast.   We did laundry, cleaned the house, Dave and Noomi cleaned out the little car, and Ajax and I organized dozens of Legos.  In the afternoon, Dave and Ajax played some computer games, while Noomi and I worked in the garden.  Actually, while I worked Noomi made mud pies and macaroni and cheese.  After a while Ajax came out and the kids and I had a water fight while Dave made dinner.  Excellent end to a summer weekend.

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August 7, 2016

Weekends around home

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Another lovely summer weekend in the books.

Saturday we headed to Ypsi for a family dinner.  Lisa was in town for vacation, Rod and Dara were down, so the whole family was there.   It was lovely!   The kids played in the pool and board games.  We also raided Aunt Theresa’s nail polish supply- Noomi picked out several colors, Ajax painted Theresa’s toe nails, and I got my nails done as well!  Ajax also asked for one toe nail painted (black) and then immediately had us take it off when we got home.

On Sunday, we bummed around.  Noomi and I went grocery shopping. Noomi of course wore her fanciest outfit and talked throughout our entire trip.   While we were gone, Dave and Ajax cleaned the house, folded laundry, and played a few computer games.

Ajax played with his friend, Sam, from next door.  Actually, it seems if Ajax isn’t at Sam’s house, Sam is at our house.  It’s so cool that Ajax has a buddy that lives so close that the two can just run to each other’s homes.  This of course makes Noomi angry that I won’t let her run around the neighborhood, but again – she’s only 4.   Dave and Noomi ended up going for a bike ride and then setting up the sprinkler, and I worked in the kitchen.   I made yogurt, granola, cooked beef for quick dinners this week, sausage breakfast muffins, and then made Parmesan garlic noodles and roasted carrots for dinner.  Overall, a productive weekend!

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August 3, 2016

National Night Out

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Last night was National Night Out and Williamston held it’s own Night Out party in McCormick park.  I picked up the kids from summer camp and we got to the park and we headed to the park.  There was a fire truck with its ladder extended into the air above the parking lot spraying down water from the hose.  There were two bouncy houses and lots of games, crafts and face painting for the kids.  There was also free dinner, which meant I didn’t have to cook!   The plan was for us to stay for a few hours and then Dave would get the kids home into bed and I would stay to volunteer at the PTSA tent at 8 pm.  The kids ended up having so much fun, however, that Dave met us at the park after work and then we all stayed till 9 pm and helped clean up.  Overall, the kids had so much fun.  There were a ton of their friends and the kids had a blast!

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