April 23, 2015

Beds and Gates

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Well we finally got a baby gate for Noomi’s toddler bed as the child kept falling out of the bed.  We really thought she would get better at sleeping in a bed, but she hasn’t.  The other night she fell out twice and that’s when I threw in the towel and bought a gate.  Noomi loves the little pink gate and after her first night using it woke up so proud of herself, saying – I didn’t fall out of my big girl bed.

Regarding Noomi’s shiner, when I picked her up from school on Monday the teachers were a bit panicky as I walked in because they thought she got it on their watch and no one knew what happened.  Noomi, herself, was no help as she kept saying that her friend Bear hit her.   I assured them that the shiner happened on our watch.  They were much relieved.  All the way home, however, Noomi kept telling me how Bear hit her and that’s how she got a black eye.  I told her that wasn’t true, but she argued with me all the way home.

2015-04-20 18.54.14 2015-04-20 18.54.52

April 22, 2015

Sausage muffin breakfast favorites

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After dinner this evening the kids got into their dress up box and ran around the house in their Halloween costumes.  Noomi was a monkey with Buzz Light Year wings and Ajax was Captain America with an awesome shield.  Ajax declared that Noomi was his side kick and they practiced serious scowling for the camera.   After some heroics around the house it was bath and bed time.  While Dave was getting the kids ready for bed I began prepping their favorite breakfast treat.   When Noomi realized I was making sausage muffins she wanted to help and then I had to promise her that the treat would be ready for breakfast.  This was the wrong phrasing to use as it took me quite a while to get her settled down in bed as she kept asking for her treat now and didn’t want to wait until the morning.  As the kids love this breakfast treat so much I thought that I should share it!

Sausage Muffin Breakfast Favorites

  • 2 C flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 C apple sauce (or an oil if you find yourself without any apple sauce for some reason… I mean we’re a house of kids for crying out loud how do we not have 1/4 C of apple sauce?)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 C buttermilk (or regular 2% milk if you’re too lazy to make buttermilk)(if you don’t have buttermilk use 2 Tbsp vinegar or lemon juice add milk to equal 2 cups)
  • 1 lb cooked breakfast sausage (when you brown the sausage make sure to break it up into little crumbs)

Mix the drying ingredients in a large bowl.  I recommend going ahead and doubling the recipe.  Mix the applesauce (or oil), milk, egg and brown sugar in a separate bowl.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir until well combined.  Add mixture to very well oiled muffin tins.  Do not try to use little paper liners as the muffin will stick to the liner and be a royal pain.  Just oil the pan well.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  A double batch of batter will make about 24 large muffins, and 24 small muffins.

Go ahead and freeze the extras and then heat them up for a quick breakfast.  I usually serve these with a little bowl of syrup for dipping.  The kids love these so much!

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April 20, 2015

Our little wolf problem

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The other day when I was driving home with Noomi she informed me that a wolf had bitten her on the leg.  She stated that it happened in her room and that there were about 2-5 wolves in her room.  She stated this was very upsetting and that she didn’t want to be bitten by wolves.  We had an extensive conversation about this topic.  I asked if maybe Ajax had bitten her and not a wolf?  She stated, no mom, Ajax is a VERY NICE BOY and he wouldn’t bit me- The wolf bit me!   When we got home Dave and Noomi examined her room for wolves and Dave gave it the all clear.

The next morning when we were driving to school Noomi again explained to me that she had again been bitten by a wolf.  She stated that it was Papa’s wolf (Papa is Dave’s dad).  I said that Papa didn’t have any wolves, but she insisted he did.  I asked if it was Mabel and she said no.  I asked if it was Millie and she said no.  I asked if it was Eli and she said no.  Well, that’s all of Papa’s dogs, no wolves.  But again, Noomi insisted a wolf bit her.  At school I explained to the teacher that Noomi was not bitten by a wolf and that we don’t even have a dog.

Dave and I believe that she is having nightmares about the wolves in the movie Frozen.  She hasn’t slept well in the past 2 weeks and has been getting up anywhere from 1 to 3 times per night, crying and upset, clearly having a nightmare.  So we’ve quietly put Frozen away for now, that Disney musical may be too much for Ms. Noomi.  The most action packed thing she watches is Elmo and Chugginton.

Another side note – Noomi has been crackign herself up lately playing a little game.  She will point to herself and say, you’re not Noomi,I’m Noomi!  Then she’ll laugh and point to Ajax and say, you’re not Ajax you’re daddy!  This always make’s Ajax mad.  She find’s it hilarious.  She also finds it necessary to introduce herself.  Thus far she has insisted on introducing herself to her teacher every time she gets a diaper change.  When the teacher gets her for a change, she says – Hi I’m Noomi!  The teacher will say, yes, Hi Noomi.  Every time to the same teacher.   The teacher says this has been going on for about 2 weeks now, lol.

2015-04-10 16.44.59 2015-04-10 16.45.05 2015-04-10 16.45.09

April 19, 2015

MSU Science Festival

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What an enjoyable weekend.  The weather was perfect and sunny and we were able to spend most of it outdoors.

On Saturday, we took the kids to the MSU Science Festival.  We didn’t realize what a large event it was and ended up spending most of the day there.  We walked around campus and checked out some really cool exhibits, all of which were hands-on and kid friendly.  Ajax’s favorite thing was painting with insects.  The kids were provided with maggots which they then picked up with tweezers and placed into paint and then back onto their paper.  Ajax thought it was the coolest thing.  It was hard to tell what Noomi’s favorite thing was… she enjoyed looking at the turtles and gluing macaroni to a large collage of the state of Michigan.  Both kids were pretty beat when we got home.  Unfortunately, we missed Noomi’s napping window so she refused to nap.  The kids then spent the afternoon playing outside with the neighborhood kids.

On Sunday, we took it easy and did some cleaning and laundry.  The kids then spent the afternoon again running around with neighbor kids.  When it was time to come in for dinner it began raining, so that seemed to be perfect timing.  Overall, a very nice weekend.  Oh, Ajax also did a homework assignment with Dave. He had to write out simple instructions for a task. Any task, he was free to chose and then on Monday he has to present it to the class. He opted to show his class how to use his electric pencil sharpener.  I went ahead and bought a pack of pencils for the whole class so that they could all try it out.  He’s pretty pumped about it, lol.

Noomi is rounding off this weekend with multiple bruises and a black eye.  We’re unsure how exactly she got the black eye – it could have been when she fell down the last 4 steps into the basement while she was chasing Ajax (luckily she was wearing her bike helmet which saved her head from the basement floor), or it could have been when she randomly flipped off the coffee table and hit herself in the face with her own knee, or it could have been when she was trying to race past me into the kitchen while I was carrying a large plastic bin – she hit the corner of the bin and bounced into a kitchen cabinet. We’re not really sure, but any of the above-listed incidents could have been the cause.

2015-04-18 10.48.07 2015-04-18 10.48.37 2015-04-18 11.07.52 2015-04-18 11.07.56 2015-04-18 11.17.14

April 8, 2015

Potty training 2.0

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It’s spring break I have the week off and I have given up potty training.  Dave pointed out that I was making myself crazy and Noomi simply isn’t ready.  I, however, feel she should be ready and like an over controlling parent have been pushing the issue.  This has not gone over very well and the household has been a slightly tense environment.   My type A personality needs to simmer down a bit.  I guess we’ll hit up the store and buy some more diapers.  I was so intent on potty training that I refused to buy anymore so we have very few left in the house.  I’m worried this starting/stopping will make it even more difficult to potty train Noomi later on, but goodness she is being so stubborn about potty training.  How can you tell between stubbornness and simple not-ready?  Maybe my memory is poor but I don’t recall Ajax being this difficult to potty train.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing in their dirt hole.  They were digging and digging and working so hard.  We were only able to get out for a short time as it’s been cold and rainy.

2015-04-07 16.24.50 2015-04-07 16.25.04 2015-04-07 16.25.48 2015-04-07 16.26.58 2015-04-07 16.27.05 2015-04-07 16.27.27

April 7, 2015

Ajax’s 6 year check up

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Yesterday Noomi and I took Ajax into the Doctor’s office for his 6 year check up.  He weighed in at 44 lbs and was 45 3/4 inches tall – placing him squarely in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.  The doctor said he looked great and was in good health!

After the visit we did some running around and in the afternoon I took the kids to the park.  I have this week off for spring break, but we don’t have any set plans, just hanging.  We had an easy dinner of leftovers from Easter and had time to ride bikes afterwards.  I’m glad we were outside a lot yesterday as the rest of the week is supposed to be cold and rainy.

2015-04-06 16.01.28 2015-04-06 16.01.30 2015-04-06 16.01.47

April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

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Easter this year started close to 7 am with Ajax springing from bed and beginning the search for his basket.  Noomi woke up closer to 7:30 and couldn’t really understand what Ajax was doing, so she just followed him around. Eventually he found her basket in the hamper.  We had to “help” Ajax find his basket which was hanging in the front closet under a coat.  Tricky bunny.   Ajax was thrilled with his matchbox cars and Noomi loved her fluffy bunny and new fancy dress.

We opted for a quiet Easter dinner at our house with my folks, sister, and her friend Adrian.  The kids were very hyped up on sugar.  Noomi gave all her chocolate to Ajax and he gave her his Starburst.   They had tons of energy and thankfully the weather was beautiful so we were able to be outside.  We went for several walks and ran for a long time, mostly in circles.   The kids ran so wild that they hit their pillows a little after 7 pm.

Noomi picked out her own Easter dress at the store.  It was a bit much, but how could you say no?  I had to force Ajax into these semi-dress clothes and finally promised him that after people arrived he could go change.  As soon as he was allowed he ran and changed into swishy pants.


2015-04-05 07.31.53 2015-04-05 07.36.08 2015-04-05 07.36.11 2015-04-05 07.36.48 2015-04-05 07.36.55 2015-04-05 07.40.49 2015-04-05 08.21.40 2015-04-05 10.03.27 2015-04-05 12.05.07 2015-04-05 12.05.24

April 4, 2015

Spring is near

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Spring is near.  It’s warming up and of course raining, but hey at least it’s not snow.  I’ll take it.  As the weather was still uncooperative on Good Friday, my sister and I took the kids to the mall to play on the indoor playscape.  I also let Ajax bring his birthday money to purchase some lace-up running shoes and a few matchbox cars.  He’s so excited about his shoes.  Now we need to teach him how to lace them up.   The kids played very well at the mall, though Noomi was a bit stubborn when it was time to leave.  She wanted nothing to do with me and insisted on Aunt Emily carrying her through the mall.   As Friday was Ajax’s birthday- the BIG SIX- he asked for sprinkle pancakes for breakfast and chicken nuggets/mac and cheese for dinner (which he asks for every year).

Today was also a relatively quiet day.  I did a bit of running around this morning while Dave and the kids did miscellaneous chores outside.  When I got home Noomi was napping and Ajax was playing with his Legos.  Ajax has been obsessed with his Lego’s lately and him and Dave have been putting together many of the sets he got for his birthday.  When Noomi got up we ran to Tractor Supply and got her a shovel and when we got home she and Ajax continued work on the giant hole they are digging in our backyard.

When they came inside they both needed a bath as Dave explained they got into a dirt fight.  After bath we colored Easter eggs and then had pizza for dinner.    Overall an excellent Saturday.

2015-04-03 18.04.16 2015-04-04 14.57.50 2015-04-04 15.02.23 2015-04-04 15.02.28 2015-04-04 16.36.28 2015-04-04 16.36.52 2015-04-04 16.39.34 2015-04-04 16.39.40 2015-04-04 16.45.24 2015-04-04 16.45.31 2015-04-04 16.45.39 2015-04-04 16.55.45 2015-04-04 17.02.04 2015-04-04 17.17.35 2015-04-04 17.17.39

March 30, 2015

Pencil sharpener

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On Sunday following Ajax’s party the Indish family vegged out and did absolutely nothing.  In the morning I’d had plans of running around, but that never happened.  Instead I made Ajax sprinkle pancakes for his birthday, which the kids loved, and we all did very little.  Both kids seemed very relaxed and clearly needed the quiet time at home.  Ajax had fun playing with all his new toys and Noomi had fun helping him play with his new toys.

One of his favorite items was an electric pencil sharpener that Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gordy got him.  Oddly, that was indeed what he asked for and truly wanted -as he assured me prior to the event, that I didn’t need to worry about getting him the pencil sharpener as Grandma Mary was going to get that for him.   The kids began sharpening at 8 am.  When Dave woke up around 8:30 they were still at it.  Ajax excitedly brought Dave a newly sharpened pencil and stated – wow it smells like tacos!  Dave told me it simply smelled like wood and not tacos.

We also did movie night and the kids chose the movie Wall-E.  I remember having movie nights as a kid and always loved them.  At one point, however, we looked over and Noomi had her head down on the coffee table ready to pass out.  Needless to say both kids were in bed by 7 pm.


2015-03-29 08.13.41 2015-03-29 08.13.47 2015-03-29 08.13.57 2015-03-29 17.11.11

March 28, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party

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As Ajax’s birthday falls on Easter weekend we had his party today!  I can’t believe he’s six years old (or close to 6)!  He had requested a Minecraft party, which meant I had to semi-educate myself on what Minecraft was (Ajax and Dave play, but I’m not one for computer games).   Ajax invited a few of his friends from school so we had a full house of yelling, active boys, plus one little sister who tried very hard to keep up.  Ajax did very well welcoming his friends and thanking everyone for coming.  Overall everyone seemed to have an excellent time and best of all Ajax was thrilled with his party and very appreciative.

Dave made a short Minecraft video that the kids loved and gathered around.  We also had an egg hunt outside. Unfortunately the weather was quite cool so we weren’t out for very long.  I also spent time making a pig for “pin the tail on the pig” which the kids were too wound up to play, lol.   Oh well, it was a good time!

2015-03-28 12.08.43 2015-03-28 13.21.00 2015-03-28 13.21.20 2015-03-28 13.30.35 2015-03-28 13.30.53 2015-03-28 13.33.58 2015-03-28 13.44.16 2015-03-28 14.45.29 2015-03-28 14.45.38 2015-03-28 14.58.25 2015-03-28 15.27.28 2015-03-28 15.27.40 2015-03-28 16.12.19 2015-03-28 17.11.36

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