October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

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Last week in town the local photography place did a quick free picture of the kids!  So, Chuck Norris, Princess Leia, and a Witch all walk into a bar …



Halloween 2018

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Halloween 2018 in the books!  Today was the best Halloween weather we’ve had in a very long time!  It was in the 50s, clear sky, no rain or snow!  Dave and I went to the school for the kids parties.  For some reason Ajax refused to wear his costume for the parade, but proudly wore his soccer jersey.  Noomi loved wearing her costume, especially the wig.

We had a big pot of chili for dinner, grandma and grandpa Gordy came over, and we had an excellent night.  While the grandparents passed out candy, Dave and I took the kids through both neighborhoods with Husker.  This was the first year Noomi was up for both neighborhoods and she did great.  Husk also did great, though he did get concerned every time the kids went up to a house and he couldn’t see them.

Husker also graduated from his 2 week puppy school in Haslett!  We have one final family class on Saturday.  They said he was a very smart dog, loved to work, and was quick to pick things up!  We’re all very proud lol.

Backing up a bit, last weekend was also trick or treating in town and we had Aunt Theresa, Grandma Dara (newly retired!), and little Vivian over to stay the night on Friday.  We also hit up the PTSA Fall Festival Friday night at the kids school which also featured a book fair (win win).  On Saturday, for the actual trick/treating, Aunt Lisa and Doug also came over.  It was a great day!  Oh we also hit up the pumpkin patch.  This year, Ajax hollowed out both pumpkins on his own and each kid carved their own pumpkin!

Both kids have wrapped up soccer. Though of course I had the end dates all messed up.  I rushed home from work, rounded up Noomi and her soccer stuff, zipped her to the fields the whole time congratulating myself that we’d only be 7 minutes late to practice, only to find the fields completely empty. Apparently soccer had ended the week before. Parent fail!

On the home front, Dave and I completely re-did both kids’ bedrooms!  We painted, ordered/assembled new furniture, and even ordered artwork!  It involved two trips to Ikea and lots of swearing as Dave put things together.

We also recently learned that they are surveying the land behind us again and this time, really plan on breaking ground sometime next year. Looks like we’ll have new neighbors in the near future.

I should also throw in, that Ajax had a sleepover with two of his good friends. I think they got about 4 hours of sleep. We hit up the Firefighter’s breakfast in town afterwards. It was a great time.  Oh I was also able to take the day off and volunteer at the school for the Fun Run (the PTSA’s only fundraiser).

2018-10-08 20.39.192018-10-13 09.25.502018-10-14 18.48.50 - Copy2018-10-17 10.26.26 - Copy2018-10-21 21.50.43 - Copy2018-10-27 12.07.50 - Copy2018-10-27 12.07.532018-10-27 13.16.43 - Copy2018-10-27 13.16.482018-10-27 13.27.54 - Copy2018-10-27 15.05.08 - Copy2018-10-27 15.16.08 - Copy2018-10-27 15.16.442018-10-27 19.12.57 - Copy2018-10-28 13.35.48 - Copy2018-10-29 18.30.582018-10-29 18.31.072018-10-29 18.31.18 - Copy2018-10-29 18.31.312018-10-29 18.32.212018-10-29 18.32.352018-10-29 18.32.582018-10-30 18.56.152018-10-30 18.56.162018-10-30 18.56.192018-10-31 17.45.512018-10-31 17.46.002018-10-31 17.48.112018-10-31 17.48.15

October 7, 2018

One month down

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Well somehow time has again flown by and we have a month of school under our belts.  So far so good!  Ajax is doing excellent in school and really likes his teacher this year.  Noomi is also doing great and is still loving school.  Both kids are in soccer which means our weeks are pretty hectic.  Girl Scouts also started up and the PTSA, so yep things are a bit busy.

Our weekends have been filled with yard work, trying to get the deck stained, soccer games, birthday parties, and general weekend stuff.  We managed to narrow the kids down for Halloween costumes this year.  Ajax is going to be Chuck Noris and Noomi is going to be Princess Leia.  This is the earliest we have picked costumes and I am simply thrilled.

This past weekend Noomi and I went on a mother-daughter Girl Scout trip.  It was a complete secret and we didn’t know what we’d be doing.  We ended up heading to Kalamazoo for a hands on museum and then bowling and then a late night swim at a hotel in Battle Creek.  Noomi had a blast.  Dave and Ajax hung at home for a guys night which involved a lot of video games from what they told me.

2018-09-20 07.31.042018-09-26 20.15.192018-09-27 18.11.042018-09-30 09.25.222018-10-03 19.05.522018-10-03 19.06.022018-10-04 18.26.032018-10-06 10.21.282018-10-06 10.26.302018-10-06 10.26.322018-10-06 10.27.492018-10-06 11.06.022018-10-06 11.09.172018-10-06 13.50.362018-10-06 13.59.462018-10-06 15.02.562018-10-06 15.04.492018-10-06 19.14.132018-10-06 21.19.54


September 3, 2018

First week of school and Labor Day 2018

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Well we all survived the first week of school.  Noomi loves school and her teacher.  She’s making new friends (which always cracks me up given how small our town is) and talks nonstop about her day.  Ajax would never say that he loves school, but he surely tolerated it this week lol.  He said his teacher is very nice but was upset that in 4th grade they no longer get a morning recess.   He thinks that’s bogus (we recently watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, so now pretty much everything is “bogus”).

I had Friday off and took Ajax to a doctor’s appointment in Brighton with Miss. Noomi.  Afterwards we got home and Ajax had a friend, Forrest, over to play.  When Forrest’s mom came to pick him up she surprised me with cupcakes and a cake as it was my birthday (funny how those things slip your mind).  Dave took us all out for dinner when he got home and Noomi said she thought I was turning 26. Bless her heart.

On Saturday, I was out of commission with a nasty migraine, so I’m not sure what everyone else did.  I primarily slept lol.  We did have my sister’s dogs as her and Adrian were in the UP … and while on their trip, got engaged!

On Sunday, Dave and I worked outside moving a very large pile of dirt (where the shed will go), the kids played, and the dogs ran wild.

On Monday, I took the kids to Bishop lake for a few hours so that Dave could get some work done at home.  When we got home the kids played outside with some neighbor kids and then we all had an early dinner. After dinner we took Husker outside and let him get all his zoomies out before a wicked storm wiped through.

Overall, a lovely weekend.  I realize I didn’t take any pictures this weekend!

August 28, 2018

First Day of School

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Well, not only did we roll into town at midnight, but everyone was up a little after 7 am for the first day of school!  Both kids actually did awesome and got up, showered and we were out the door!  We got to school a few minutes late and walked each kid to their classrooms.  Noomi was thrilled about first grade and could hardly pause to say goodbye to me as she was too busy telling her friend about our Chicago vacation.

After school Ajax bounded off the bus and ran straight to Husker, but no Noomi.  I rushed to the bus as it was by then pulling up to our driveway and there comes Noomi. She said she forgot to get off lol. I think she was pretty tired.

Oh and on a side note, Husker chewed up the molding around our back door. Every time I walk by I get ticked off all over again. Darn dog.

2018-08-27 08.14.122018-08-27 08.14.202018-08-27 08.15.102018-08-27 08.15.132018-08-27 08.16.242018-08-27 08.18.012018-08-27 08.18.022018-08-27 08.19.272018-08-27 21.29.55

August 27, 2018

Chicago 2018

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Well we decided on one last summer trip before the kids headed back to school.  Last week I took Thursday off from work to prep for our trip and get all our back to school ends wrapped up.  We also ended up having two of the kids friends over for the day, so with four kids in tow we did all our running around, packing, cleaning, and school paperwork. As I went onto start some freezer baking our oven quite working and I had to call the repairman out! Oh well, we still got a lot done.  Thursday night Dave took Ajax to his first soccer practice and Noomi and I took Husker to Emily’s house for the weekend.

On Friday morning we were up and out the door by 8 am.  We had the easiest drive into Chicago with hardly any traffic.  We met my parents, and their friend, Melissa, and her daughter, Christine, at the Shedd Aquarium.  The aquarium was awesome.  Ajax could’ve spent all day there, while Noomi took more of a “quick running tour” of the place.  Both kids loved touching the stingrays and we hit that up twice before leaving.   After that we walked to a nearby restaurant before leaving the city around 6/7 pm for Rockford.  When we got to Rockford we checked into our hotel and then chilled in bed watching TV before everyone passed out.

On Saturday morning, Ajax was up at 5:30 am.  He managed to still his little body till almost 7 am and then we were all up.  We had breakfast and then Dave and I headed out for Tough Mudder, while the rest of the crew hung by the pool for the day.  The Rockford course was pretty awesome with almost 10K people, it was huge!  When we got back, we all went for dinner and then back to the hotel, where we again laid in bed watching TV before zonking out.

On Sunday, we had breakfast and then took the kids swimming a bit more before checking out.  We then had lunch and headed over to Schaumburg where we found an awesome outside park with a neat play structure and little river that the kids could play in.  What we didn’t count on, however, was the near 100 degree weather.  So after playing outside for a bit we all ran for ice cream to cool off before heading to Medieval Times.  I remember going to Medieval Times when I was on a school trip to Toronto and I remember loving it.  Ajax has really been into swords and knights and I thought he’d be the perfect age for it.  He was.  Both kids had a great time (though it was a bit loud for Ajax).  The adults also had a good time.  After the show we loaded into the car and headed home.  Ajax fell asleep around 9 or so, but Noomi just kept talking and talk.  She was asking what would happen to us when the sun went out and why did the moon glow?  She talked till about 10:20 pm before I convinced her to just lay her head down and then – zap – she was out like a light.  We rolled into Williamston at about midnight and everyone stumbled into the house and right into bed!

It was an awesome trip and everyone had so much fun!

2018-08-24 12.21.482018-08-24 12.52.262018-08-24 13.06.512018-08-24 13.28.472018-08-24 13.28.592018-08-24 15.46.022018-08-24 15.56.402018-08-24 15.56.432018-08-24 16.46.012018-08-24 17.35.242018-08-24 17.35.412018-08-24 17.38.422018-08-24 17.39.062018-08-24 17.43.482018-08-24 17.48.092018-08-24 17.52.012018-08-25 16.18.452018-08-25 16.21.162018-08-25 19.24.192018-08-26 13.51.282018-08-26 13.56.162018-08-26 14.01.262018-08-26 14.07.452018-08-26 14.19.522018-08-26 14.24.252018-08-26 14.29.342018-08-26 15.41.382018-08-26 15.41.552018-08-26 15.52.112018-08-26 15.52.472018-08-26 16.19.002018-08-26 16.19.052018-08-26 16.19.202018-08-26 16.19.272018-08-26 18.46.302018-08-26 18.46.58

August 23, 2018

Kids mud run

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Last weekend was so much fun!  On Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Brooklyn for the kids Mud Run.  Just over a mile with plenty of muddy, fun obstacles.   The kids did great!  They went over each obstacle and met each challenge with a smile. We were so proud!

After the run we met the grandparents, Aunt Emily, and Adrian at the lake.  I can’t remember the last time we were at the lake as a family. It was awesome. The kids swam and we went kayaking.  Ajax was a natural kayaker and was able to go around the lake in a kayak solo (with grandma following).  Noomi perfected her underwater handstand and we all had a great day.

Sunday we did a bunch of housework, Dave took a class, and I started moving some of the dirt from the cement pad we had put in last week.

This past week, we also got teacher assignments and on Wednesday we had the schools open house. Noomi has Ms. Proulx for first grade and Ajax has Mrs. Sileo for fourth grade.  We’re pretty excited to get our year going!  Ajax even had his first soccer practice tonight and tomorrow we head out to Chicago.

2018-08-18 12.10.502018-08-18 12.22.202018-08-18 12.40.262018-08-18 12.42.122018-08-18 12.43.352018-08-18 13.03.262018-08-18 13.06.002018-08-18 13.08.572018-08-18 13.09.582018-08-18 13.10.592018-08-18 13.11.122018-08-18 13.13.502018-08-18 13.13.552018-08-18 13.15.042018-08-18 13.15.212018-08-18 13.16.312018-08-18 13.17.352018-08-18 13.19.092018-08-18 13.20.212018-08-18 13.20.412018-08-18 13.23.222018-08-18 13.23.292018-08-18 13.25.562018-08-18 13.26.362018-08-18 16.28.502018-08-18 16.53.452018-08-18 16.58.012018-08-18 16.58.382018-08-18 17.02.252018-08-18 17.31.072018-08-20 07.34.28

August 12, 2018

Weekend review

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Another summer week gone!  Our week was typical, we had a sitter come two days, and then two days at the summer camp and then home with Dave on Friday.  Actually, Dave was supposed to have jury duty on Friday, but apparently someone took a plea.  The kids field trip was to the Red Cedar gymnastics and of course, Noomi now wants to take gymnastics.  This of course after I dropped a ton of money outfitting both kids for soccer! As our next few weekends are booked and we’ll be out of town right before school, I also took them school shopping and they’ve picked out all their folders and pencils, and notebooks.  Yea school!

This past weekend the kids had their last swim class. Both kids can swim freestyle and backstroke. Ajax was learning the butterfly and could float on his back.  Noomi was swimming underwater and perfecting her handstands.

After class we did a little running around and then I took them over to their friend’s house in Webberville for a sleepover. This was Noomi’s first sleepover and she was so excited.  Their friends have a pool and a hot tub, so they swam, ate pizza, watched a movie, walked into town for ice cream and stayed up way late talking.

While the kids were gone, Dave and I headed to St. Johns for the mint festival with my family.  We had an excellent time as well.

I picked up two very tired kiddos on Sunday.  They were of course swimming when I got there at 9 am, so I hung out for a bit while the kids played and then we headed home around 10.  Our Sunday was pretty quiet.  I did some shopping, the kids put away their laundry, and that was about it. Overall, pretty chill.

We also had my grandpa Gordy stop by on his motorcycle and we all got ice cream.

We also had National Night Out which is always so much fun in our town – bounce houses, face painting, a water hose from the fire department, and lots of food!

2018-08-04 20.02.07 - Copy2018-08-04 20.02.26 - Copy2018-08-04 20.03.11 - Copy2018-08-04 20.04.11 - Copy2018-08-04 20.04.20 - Copy2018-08-07 19.07.29 - Copy2018-08-07 19.07.442018-08-07 19.42.25 - Copy2018-08-07 19.57.552018-08-07 20.01.052018-08-11 16.28.59

August 2, 2018

Grand Haven Vacation 2

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Just thought I’d share a few more pictures before wrapping up the vacation post.

2018-07-31 10.31.082018-07-31 10.31.212018-07-31 10.31.252018-07-31 10.31.382018-07-31 10.53.422018-07-31 12.06.202018-07-31 16.51.382018-07-31 16.51.422018-08-01 09.50.032018-08-01 09.50.052018-08-01 10.27.572018-08-01 10.40.572018-08-01 10.41.132018-08-01 10.43.522018-08-01 10.57.522018-08-01 11.14.542018-08-01 12.08.12

August 1, 2018

Grand Haven Vacation 2018

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Well our first official family vacation is in the books and it was awesome!  We lucked out with great weather, bright sunny days, and good moods all around.   Emily was kind enough to watch Husker and from the sounds of it, he had a most outstanding time as well, full of playdates and a new doggy daycare.

We headed out on Sunday morning and spent the day at Michigan’s Adventure.  This was the first time the kids had been to an amusement park and honestly I don’t even know the last time I’d been to an amusement park.  There were bumper cars, carousels, tilta-whirls, and every other carnival ride you could think of.  We took the kids on the pirate ship and their first wooden roller coaster.  Both kids said they liked it, but declined to go on any other such rides, lol.  We had car picnic lunch and then in the afternoon hit up the water park (another first for the kids). And they loved it so much. Their favorite was the wave pool. We basically had to drag them on the various slides.  One slide that both kids went down was a pitch black tunnel, I thought both kids would come out in tears, but they both loved it!

After a full day of playing in the sun we headed to our rental house in Spring Harbor (5 min from Grand Haven). We found the house, dumped our stuff, and then went out for some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.  We then walked around town a little before calling it a night at about 10 pm.

On Monday, we spent the entire day at the beach (Grand Haven State Park).  The kids played in the sand, rode the waves, and overall had a great time.  We also walked out on the pier and watched the large Coast Guard ships come in for the festival. After our day at the beach, we got cleaned up, grabbed dinner, and then went on a few tours of the CG ships. The kids loved it.

On Tuesday, we headed to a different park and did a bit of hiking through the woods and dunes.  After our hike we hit up another beach and played most of the day.  We then headed back to the house for a late lunch.  Unfortunately, Dave had a migraine so he laid down for a bit and I took the kids for a walk up to a local park.  Afterwards, he was feeling a bit better so we headed back into town and played a round of put put golf (both kids did very well, but I was shocked at how good Noomi was for her first time) and then dinner and then a easy night at the house. I had wanted to take the kids to a drive in movie, but by time we got home, around 8 pm, both kids were beat and just wanted to stay home, watch a movie and eat junk food. So that’s what we did.

On Wednesday, we got up early and got everything packed and loaded into the car and hit the beach by 9:30 am.  It was bit windy and the water was choppy, but we rented a stand up paddle board.  It was awesome.  I was able to take both kids out at one time, while kneeling, and could take Noomi out while standing. Both kids had a blast trying to stand on their own and Dave had fun as well, though he kept falling over, lol.  At about 1 we left and grabbed lunch on our way out of town.  We were home by about 3:30 pm after an easy drive across the state.  What an excellent family vacation!

Here are some of our awesome pictures! More to come later, right now I’m too tired to wait for them to upload LOL.

2018-07-29 12.25.552018-07-29 12.25.572018-07-29 12.26.002018-07-29 13.45.082018-07-29 14.20.322018-07-29 14.21.072018-07-29 18.18.082018-07-29 21.00.132018-07-29 21.00.172018-07-29 21.01.052018-07-30 10.55.192018-07-30 10.55.302018-07-30 18.03.302018-07-30 18.04.262018-07-30 18.04.352018-07-30 18.04.492018-07-30 18.06.302018-07-30 18.06.392018-07-30 18.06.542018-07-30 18.16.542018-07-30 18.21.442018-07-30 18.48.342018-07-31 10.25.272018-07-31 10.30.40

2018-07-30 09.47.132018-07-30 09.47.562018-07-30 09.48.102018-07-30 09.49.28-12018-07-30 09.50.522018-07-30 09.51.182018-07-30 09.53.202018-07-30 09.59.24-12018-07-30 10.44.51

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