January 16, 2018

Snow Days and MLK

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It seems like Michigan is finally getting a real winter.  It’s been cold and icy with plenty of snow.  I mean it is Michigan so we shouldn’t complain, but it’s been so cold that the kids can’t even be outside long in it, which means we’re all stuck inside.

Last week Friday the kids had a snow day.  Dave was working from home, so they had a day home with dad. I had to go into work and it took me over an hour to get into the office. Not much fun, but there you go.

Our weekend was pretty quiet and very relaxing.  I’ve been cooking more and more with my Instant Pot and loving it.  We went to swim class and did a few minor errands, but that was it.

On Monday, I had the day off as did the kids since it was MLK Day.  I took them to Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn and we walked around for about an hour and a half. It was pretty crowded so that was about all we could take.  Afterwards we picked up some pizzas and headed to my Aunt Lisa’s house for a visit. The kids played with my cousin Logan and my Aunt and I got to chat.  We hit the road at about 3 pm for home and it still took us about 2 hours.  When we got home Noomi and I worked out in the basement while Ajax played video games.  We did an easy dinner and then into bed!

Oh on Sunday the kids and I also looked around a furniture store in town and Noomi kept photo bombing me!

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January 9, 2018

New Year, goodbye 2017

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Well after our exciting Christmas, we rounded off the holiday with a fun New Year’s Eve with friends.  On New Year’s Eve we played games, the kids watched movies and generally ran around the house screaming.  Everyone made it to midnight, but no one liked the sparkling apple cider.  As soon as the ball dropped Noomi collapsed and fell asleep.  Ajax insisted he wasn’t tired and Dominic could barely keep his eyes open.

On New Year’s day (Monday) we bummed around the house in our pjs and did some cooking. I’m still trying to get the hang of my InstantPot but I must admit it’s pretty cool.  We went to see the new Star Wars movie and while everyone enjoyed it, at 2.5 hours it’s just too darn long.  Everyone was antsy in their chairs and ready for it to end.

Mid-week the kids headed to my parent’s house for 2 days as Dave and I had to work.  On Thursday I headed to Brooklyn to pick up the kids.  My mom, sister and I ended up taking them over to Cabellas which was pretty cool. The kids loved looking at all the animals and fish.

On Friday, we took the kids to District 5, a giant trampoline park in Lansing, which is a ton of fun.  Of course, every other parent had the same idea so the place was pretty busy.

On Saturday, we had swim class and a play date with friends.  We then dog sat Keiza and we all realized how much we want a dog.  Everyone was so excited to have Keiza for the weekend.  On Sunday, Emily picked her up and we were all sad to see her go.  Sunday was quiet as well got ready for school and work.  Lunches were made, laundry folded, and outfits laid out.

Monday was tough, but we survived. Here we come 2018!

(so I realize I’ve fallen down on the picture job, so here are some pics – Noomi with her desk that she loves, us making gingerbread houses – after xmas the kids put them out in the field for the birds – and Noomi and I walking in the Williamston light parade with the Girl Scouts).

2017-11-26 16.52.122017-12-02 17.47.362017-12-02 17.47.412017-12-02 17.48.122017-12-04 19.30.492017-12-04 19.30.552017-12-10 11.58.212017-12-10 11.58.252017-12-10 11.58.302017-12-10 11.58.372017-12-10 11.58.492017-12-10 11.58.57

December 30, 2017

Xmas 2017

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Another lovely Christmas in the books!

Noomi and I made Christmas cookies, and the guys were nice enough to try all of them.  The family favorite was the snickerdoodles.    We had Christmas Eve at our house this year, but due to the storm Aunt Liz and her family didn’t make it up.  We had a ton of food for the rest of us though and had a lovely evening.  Christmas morning started at 6 am (which I’ll call a win).  Ajax said he was up at 5 am but forced himself back to sleep.

The kids got some really neat gifts and so did Dave and I this year.  We tried driving into Dearborn but the highway was so slick we slide around and then decided to turn around.  Going up the highway a few miles equated to an hour in the car and just wasn’t worth the stress.  So we got home, got back into our PJs and had a lazy day watching movies and playing with new toys.

After Christmas we headed up north to Mikado.  Everyone was up north and we had a lovely time.  We had to come back home on Thursday night because on Friday 12/29 we closed on our new house!  This means we are officially on Baby Steps 4, 5, and 6!  We are debt free, except for our house, and we are rounding off our emergency fund.  What a Christmas present!

Oh as Noomi is missing her 2 front teeth, I can’t even tell you how many people asked what she wanted for Christmas lol.

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December 18, 2017

December 2017

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Oh my gosh, I’m so behind!  I don’t even know where to start.  We’ve done stuff and I only remember 1/3 of it.

We had the Williamston light parade in town. Noomi and I walked in it and Dave and Ajax watched and waved from the sidelines.  Ajax collected a bunch of candy which annoyed Noomi, but he was nice enough to share.

Dave took the kids to his sister, Lisa’s house, for a family get together setting up Great Grandma Indish’s Christmas Village.  The rest of the cousins were there and the kids had a great time. I ended up staying home sick because that’s how it goes.

We also got family pictures at a neat tree farm in Owosso and the pictures look great!

Noomi is thoroughly enjoying girl scouts and both kids are loving swim class.  Ajax also had his third grade economics fair.  He and his partner, Dylan, made Kool Aid play dough kits for $1.  They did pretty good, but I still don’t know what they learned from the project except they were excited to donate the money to a charity.

We also had a family dinner in Mexican town this past weekend, saw Santa, did last minute shopping and I also made Ajax get a haircut.   Oh, Noomi also had a birthday party at the theater in town and was so excited as it was the first party where I just dropped her off and left. She was beyond excited.

I don’t even know what else we’ve done. It’s been a whirlwind.  I know we have Christmas coming soon, this darn Elf creeping around the house, and wet winter snow.

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November 12, 2017

Weekend roundup

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Weekend has come and gone.

On Friday, we headed to the Lansing Brewery for Emily’s 30th birthday! There was a live band, good food, and family, which was an excellent combination.   The kids had fun and they even danced.   They of course passed out in the car on the way home and were dragging a bit on Saturday morning on the way to swim class.  But it was worth it.

At swim class, Ajax continued to work on backstroke and apparently Noomi simply picked up backstroke, but is still working on freestyle.  Both kids love swimming and I’m hoping they want to swim competitively when they get older.   After swim class, the plan was for Dave and Ajax to go to LCC for STEMfest, while Noomi and I went to my cousin Amber’s baby shower in Flat Rock.  Noomi, however, decided that the STEM festival sounded way more fun and opted for that.  I couldn’t really argue with her so I headed to Flat Rock solo.  Dave said the kids had a great time; their favorite thing was constructing buildings out of cardboard.

On Sunday, we didn’t leave the house as it was rainy and cold. We did some cleaning and friends stopped by to visit, but other than that it was pretty quiet.

2017-11-11 11.04.192017-11-11 11.54.03-22017-11-11 12.05.37-42017-11-11 12.11.532017-11-11 12.30.35-223376481_10155069955063354_2074422230370864648_n23379952_10155069954513354_6350593039738368774_n23434968_10155069955148354_8067836792547107485_n23471962_10155069954973354_4427486132955913992_n

November 5, 2017


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This past weekend we also had Darcy’s wedding near Novi. Now for the first time in a long time, Dave and I actually got a hotel near the wedding and Papa was nice enough to come down and stay over with the kids.  Dave and I both took Friday off of work. I got my hair done and bought a new dress (I think Dave showered and shaved, lol).  The kids were happy to see us off and really could have cared less that we were gone. I’m going to say that means they are well adjusted.

The wedding was lovely, though it was at a place called Plantera (like a large beautiful greenhouse), but for some reason I thought it was at a Planetarium.  It was not and Dave was annoyed as he was expecting a light show.  For some reason I’m terrible at taking photos at events so I only have 3 to share.  Oh well, it was a lovely night, we slept in the next day and had a great breakfast before heading home.

Unfortunately it was raining with thunder and lightening, so Ajax’s last game was cancelled. He was pretty bummed out so to cheer him up we bought Ghostbusters the movie.  We sat in the living room eating tacos and candy, while watching the movie. It was great.  Kids favorite line that they keep repeating: Back off man, I’m a scientist.  Maybe next year for Halloween we can do a family costume of Ghostbusters.  I’m in.

2017-11-03 19.21.492017-11-03 19.22.012017-11-03 23.03.33

Halloween 2017

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Halloween one of our favorite holidays!   This year we did a little advance planning and actually bought costumes a few weeks before Halloween (which meant Noomi had ample opportunity to be a ninja at every turn).

Both Dave and I took the day off from work and were able to squeeze in a morning parent-teacher conference and then worked both kids’ holiday parties.   During Noomi’s party she sang along with her class and even did the hand-gestures that went along with the Halloween song.  This was the first time she has ever participated in such a demonstration and we were so proud.

The kids tracked through the neighborhood during the parade led by the High School marching band and then afterwards we rounded them up and headed home to carve pumpkins.  Somehow in carving pumpkins the seeds and guts got everywhere (covered both kids, the wall, the floor, everything), but they were both quite impressed with their mad skills.

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gordy came over to help hand out candy, eat chili, and watch the kids freak out on their sugar high.  This year Ajax went trick-or-treating with a friend up the street, which meant Noomi was running behind them trying to keep up.  Noomi made it almost to the front of the neighborhood before tiring out.  At that point I carried her all the way home while she yelled and called to every person we passed, HI I’m Noomi! Remember me!

Ajax, Dave and his friends kept going and even hit up the second neighborhood behind us.  This year Dave actually remembered to bring a flashlight as they tromped through the woods.  Ajax got an incredible load of candy this year and was very proud of this fact.

Overall, an excellent evening, though the weather could have been warmer.  But that’s how it goes… Michigan.

2017-10-31 13.20.522017-10-31 13.23.072017-10-31 13.29.142017-10-31 13.42.002017-10-31 14.14.352017-10-31 17.42.472017-10-31 17.43.172017-10-31 17.43.272017-10-31 17.43.292017-10-31 18.05.03

October 29, 2017

Weekend roundup

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It’s officially Fall and cold and rainy. It’s Michigan.  It’ll most likely snow on Halloween.

On Saturday we were up and took the kids to swim class.  Ajax is getting better at backstroke and Noomi is really working on her kickers/pullers.  She can flip over quickly and float on her back.  Both kids love swim class and are really becoming comfortable in the water.   I’m pretty sure I’ll be pressing them to join the swim team when they get older, lol.

After swim class Grandma Dara and Papa came over and we all went trick-or-treating in downtown Williamston.   The kids had fun, saw a lot of their friends, and of course, got a lot of candy.  It was in the mid-40s, so by the time we got home everyone was pretty cold, so we made some hot chocolate and ate a bunch of junk.

On Sunday we bummed around and went for a hike in the woods. It was a little cool, but so beautiful seeing the leaves changing colors.

2017-10-29 12.46.41-32017-10-29 12.46.542017-10-29 12.47.252017-10-29 12.49.492017-10-29 12.49.592017-10-29 12.50.102017-10-29 12.50.282017-10-29 12.50.292017-10-29 12.50.362017-10-29 12.52.00

October 27, 2017

Cousin Halloween Party

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Last Saturday we had a bit going on!  The kids had swim class in the morning (they are doing great!) and then we went shopping.  Ajax had a soccer game in town and then we headed to South Lyon to my cousin Laura’s house for a cousin Halloween Party!    The kids carved pumpkins, busted open a pinata, and ate junk food for hours.

We had a bonfire and the kids piled up sticks and then played dark tag around the yard.  They had so much fun and it reminded me of times when I was little with my cousins.  They also had little glow sticks and I remember being a kid and throwing them up into the air and having bats swoop down at them.  Well, I shared memory with the kids who immediately launched the glow sticks into the air and almost into the fire.  Overall, an excellent time!



October 25, 2017


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Today was anti-bullying day and with the drama in town surrounding the School Board’s policy it was definitely needed!  When we stand together no one stands alone!

2017-10-25 07.03.092017-10-25 07.05.31

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