October 19, 2014

Weekend updates

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On Friday, we all headed up to the elementary school for a Halloween Party.  Ajax immediately saw a dozen of his friends and was off running and playing and dancing.  It was nice to see him so settled in and at home.   Noomi was thrilled and loved playing in the gym, though she could not get the hang of the hoola hoop.  She was one of the youngest kids there and it made me so nervous as there were basketballs flying every which way.

On Saturday, we had a quiet time (as I had been out of town during the week and needed some rest).  So Ajax and I made applesauce and Noomi had an endless tea party.  Noomi is also starting to sing the ABC’s, though she will not let you help her sing.  When she gets stuck and you try to sing along with her, she immediately tells you NO or Stop!  She is turning into quite the bossy toddler.  She is full of no and I don’t want to.  Dave and Ajax worked in the backyard digging some holes but it was so cold and rainy that they weren’t out for long.  Somehow Ajax has already lost three pairs of gloves and it’s not even November yet.

On Sunday,  we headed down to Brooklyn to visit my family and grandma Flo, who hasn’t been doing so well lately.  The kids loved the visit.  We worked outside a little, but mainly hung out in the house.  Noomi, Ajax, and grandpa Gordy had a tea party and then played on the pool table.   When we got home I canned up some apple butter, though I’ve never had apple butter before so I’m not sure if it turned out properly or not.  Oh well, it is what it is.

Last weekend we had headed to the apple orchard, but when we got there the guy said all the apples were picked due to the unusually warm weather in September.  So we bought some pre-picked apples and picked out some baby pumpkins and gourds which we painted at home.  I of course left the painted pumpkins outside to dry and then it rained, so all the paint washed off.  Argh.

Here’s Ajax’s first school photo. He had no explanation regarding the sour face.

2014-10-08 19.51.37-1 2014-10-11 13.59.47 2014-10-12 08.13.44 2014-10-12 08.59.04 2014-10-12 09.41.24 2014-10-12 11.22.46 2014-10-12 11.23.37 2014-10-12 11.27.00 2014-10-12 11.27.17 2014-10-12 11.27.22 2014-10-12 11.28.37 2014-10-12 14.57.33 2014-10-12 14.57.38 2014-10-12 14.58.04 2014-10-12 15.49.30

October 5, 2014

Weekend updates

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Well I was forced to bust out the down comforter this weekend as our Fall weather slide quickly into Winter temperatures.   Dave is extremely unhappy about this and Ajax is still trying to wear shorts.   Noomi seems oblivious to the change, but seems to really like her rain coat.

Ajax has been doing wonderful in school and seems to really be settling in.  When a child is spotted exhibiting good behavior they are rewarded with a Buzz Ticket that they take home to show their parents and they are also entered into a monthly school-wide drawing.  This past week Ajax earned 3 or 4 tickets for good behavior and has not visited the RTC room in a while.  He is making friends and is still very excited to read.  Yesterday while I was baking he sat at the table and insisted on writing out a note to his friend.  He sounded out all the words and tried to write everything himself before asking for help.  It really surprised me how well he did (for example he wrote – Home as Hom, and At as et).

Noomi has been going through a bit of a clingy phase and has been almost glued to my side.   Her sleep hasn’t been interrupted so I’m not quite sure what’s going on at the moment.  She is a very stubborn child, but moves past her anger or frustration quickly.  She still loves all her “babies” and will take them for rides around the house.  She also seems less interested in potty training at the moment, so we’re trying not to push it (though the thought of her out of diapers has me seeing $$ signs, lol).

We’ve had a very quiet weekend which has been nice.  We bummed around the house, did some cleaning/laundry and baking, a little running around but not much.  The kids played outside a bit, but it’s been cold and rainy, so they couldn’t stay out for long and actually asked to come back inside.

2014-09-06 10.48.13 2014-09-06 10.48.23 2014-09-13 19.43.25

September 29, 2014

Tough mudder 2014

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This year, although we couldn’t run at Tough Mudder, due to someone’s broken leg, so we did the next best thing – we volunteered!  My parents were nice enough to watch the kids and Dave and I volunteered, along with Tim from 6 am to 6 pm!  Our family, Mitten Mayham, ran, of course, for their third TM (Dara, Lisa, and Theresa)!   It was a ton of fun and very rewarding.  Dave and I are committed to running next year (absent any broken bones).

The kids did well for my parents and then after we crashed at the campsite in Grass Lake with Rod/Dara, Tim/Theresa, Lisa/Joe and then spent the day with them.  Tim and Theresa have a crazy RV meaning Dave and I each got our own queen size bed, with the kids bunking with grandma and papa.  Unfortunately the kids were up at 4 am, so um, sorry about that one.

We carved pumpkins and ate a lot of food and took silly family photos.

_DSC6638 _DSC6698 _DSC6733

2014-09-21 12.59.33 2014-09-21 13.00.05 2014-09-21 13.03.50 2014-09-21 13.04.59 2014-09-21 13.07.15 2014-09-21 13.24.01 2014-09-21 13.24.10 2014-09-21 13.33.20 2014-09-21 13.43.04 2014-09-21 13.43.13

September 28, 2014

Where has September gone?

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I’m not quite sure how this month has skated by us, but it has!  The weather has been pretty odd here, ranging from cold and rainy to sunny and 80.  It’s been a funny sort of season.

To catch up a bit, Ajax is adjusted well at school and is so so excited about everything that he is learning.  He likes his classmates and his teacher and cannot wait to learn to read.  Ajax has also visited the “responsible thinking corner” (RTC) twice (which is kind of like in school kiddie detention where he sits with a teacher and draws a picture of his actions and then they brain storm about alternate ways he could chose to respond to a similar situation).  Due to those visits, I received calls from the teacher … twice, lol.  The first during the second week of school.  The teacher was not at all concerned and said a lot of the kids were learning these same things.  She said academically he was doing wonderful.

Ajax’s favorite thing in school is generally recess and gym, but he is also enjoying Spanish quite a bit.  We’re working on sounds right now and how to sound out simple words.  He is getting better at writing and holding a pen and is slowly enjoying coloring/drawing more and more.  Which is funny because before school he was never prone of coloring or drawing very much.

Noomi’s doing well.  Her vocabulary is expanding and she will repeat everything you say, in exactly your same tone.  I need to watch this because when I’m reprimanding Ajax she’ll follow behind me and parrot me, hand gestures and all. As a matter of fact, she is quite the little mama.  At dinner for example, when Ajax says that he’s done eating, Noomi will immediately point at him and say – Two more bites!  She has developed a bit of an attitude, lol.  She’s so darn quite however that it’s hard to get upset.  At Noomi’s school she is known as the teacher’s helper.  She helps pick up the toys and listens during story time.  She has also been sitting on the potty, both at school and at home.  She’s interested in it but isn’t quite ready.

2014-09-28 17.21.56 2014-09-28 17.21.58 2014-09-28 17.22.05 2014-09-28 17.22.18 2014-09-28 17.22.22













September 7, 2014

First week of school under the belt!

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Well, Ajax’s first week of kindergarten is done and he did wonderful!  He rode the bus every day and went to the after school program till 5 when Dave and I could get him after work.  He (so far) loves his class and his teacher.  His favorite thing is recess and his Spanish lessons.  It is, however, very difficult to get him to talk about his day.  I guess this is what it’s like being a parent.  We sit there at dinner and try to think of creative ways to get him to talk about what he did, how he felt, etc. But goodness it’s like pulling teeth! 

Noomi on the other hand will talk your ear off.  The only problem is that most of time she simply mimics your words back at you.  She is quite the talker and will go on and on!  She has also been sitting on the potty more and more and we’ve now worked that into her nighttime routine before she gets a bath. She is now very excited for her nighttime poo in the potty (I can’t believe I’m writing this, I hope this doesn’t embarrass her too much when she’s older). 

Dave has also been a champ and has taken the kids for several bike rides (2 or 3 a day). Ajax loves his bike and Noomi loves her little bike trailer.  My bike has two flat tires and apparently it needs a special attachment to fill them up. 

Here are a few pictures from this summer.  The first few are from when we went to the Thursday night concert series in town (Elvis), and then some of the pool.  And of course some cooking.  We made homemade pickles from the garden and the kids and I also made Monkey Bread.

2014-07-31 19.07.24 2014-07-31 19.07.37 2014-07-31 19.49.03 2014-07-31 19.49.10 2014-08-02 18.30.17 2014-08-02 18.30.43 2014-08-10 09.32.41 2014-08-10 09.32.50 2014-08-18 18.58.07 2014-08-18 18.58.46

September 3, 2014

First day of kingergarten!

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Tuesday, Sept. 2nd was Ajax’s first day of kindergarten!  He woke up in such a good mood, we had breakfast and then outside to take pictures and wait for the bus.  When the big bus pulled up Ajax got a little nervous, then the bus driver informed us that kindergarteners for the first day don’t ride the bus, you drive them in.  That would have been good information to have, lol.  Dave ended up taking Ajax into school and staying till about 10 am.  The parents stayed in the classroom with the kids, they did their morning routine and an art project.  Then they all walked to the cafeteria and learned some of the school rules.  At first Ajax was pretty scared and clung to Dave, but by the end of the morning he was more comfortable.  Ajax knew a few kids from Tball and summer camp and that has also helped him.   Ajax had a great first day.

The second day of class Ajax did in fact ride the bus.  He was so excited he jumped out of bed, but again when the bus pulled up he started to panic and said, no no you drive me to school!  It took some coercing, but Ajax finally boarded the bus.  The bus driver, Dawn, was very pleasant and showed Ajax that the seats behind her were reserved for kindergarteners, and one seat had his name on it.  That seemed to relieve him and he sat down and waved at me through the window.  At this point I teared up a bit.  Noomi was very angry that she wasn’t riding the bus with Ajax and kept saying – me ride bus too mom.

On his second day of class, he also lost his first tooth!  He had fallen from his bike and knocked it loss about 2 weeks ago and today he said that it annoyed him and he pulled it out.  He’s quite excited about this whole tooth fairy situation.

2014-09-02 07.21.06 2014-09-02 07.21.30 2014-09-02 07.23.33 2014-09-02 07.24.16 2014-09-02 07.25.372014-09-03 19.22.342014-09-01 14.23.20

September 1, 2014

Family week 2014

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This past week we had family in from Washington so that meant a full seven days of fun filled family time.  We had a Valentine family reunion for my grandma Flo’s 87th birthday at Wampler’s lake.  The family rented a cabin on the lake with a pontoon boat.  My cousin, Andre, was in with his two children, Daniel (6) and Anya (3), and the kids all played very well.  There was a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn and a trip to Impression 5 hands-on museum in Lansing, and of course, lots and lots of swimming and boating and fishing.  Ajax caught four fish and Noomi caught her first (a little perch).  There were family dinners and relaxing and lots and lots of food.  I think Ajax and Daniel would have lived in the water and had great fun building sand castles.

On Friday, the kids and I headed back home to Williamston (Dave unfortunately couldn’t take the whole week off) and we had a very quiet and easy going Labor Day weekend, as Tuesday is Ajax’s first day of Kindergarten.  He keeps wavering between being excited and nervous.  It helps that on Wednesday night we all went to the school for an open house and saw his classroom and cubby and met his teacher, Mrs. Lewis.  I’m feeling pretty anxious, as if I’m heading off for my first day of school tomorrow.

Sorry about all the pictures – but I was worried that I’ve been lack with my posting and if I didn’t add them they would never be seen.

_DSC6368 2014-08-23 15.47.28 2014-08-23 15.53.34 2014-08-23 15.57.25 2014-08-23 16.13.24 2014-08-23 16.14.26 2014-08-23 16.14.42 2014-08-25 13.00.33 2014-08-25 13.05.53 2014-08-25 13.38.44 2014-08-25 14.05.13 2014-08-25 14.06.36 2014-08-25 16.51.24 2014-08-27 11.55.11 2014-08-27 12.31.43 2014-08-27 13.17.40 2014-08-27 13.24.34 2014-08-27 13.37.49 2014-08-27 13.54.02 2014-08-27 14.01.00 2014-08-28 18.11.10 2014-08-28 19.35.35 2014-08-28 19.35.46 2014-08-28 19.42.34 2014-08-28 19.43.09 2014-08-29 13.19.35 2014-08-29 13.20.55 2014-08-29 13.21.00 2014-08-29 13.23.34 2014-08-29 13.24.12 2014-08-29 13.30.58 2014-08-29 13.46.07 2014-08-29 13.46.22 2014-08-29 13.50.38 2014-08-29 14.02.49 2014-08-29 14.02.55


August 10, 2014


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This picture was from our camping trip up in Morley, MI.  It’s the cousins that were present… or cousin’s cousins, lol.  The rules of consanguinity get confusing, but somehow they are all related.   All the kids had a blast and it was very nice spending some time with them.










Summer weekend

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Well it seems that Michigan finally remembered that it was summer and the weather jumped back up into the high 80s and low 90s.  This following over two weeks of rainy, cold weather marked with some nasty thunderstorms and hail.

In nino news, we brought up Ajax’s small bike without training wheels as he finally decided he wanted to give it a try and the kid just jumped on it and zoomed away.  Dave and I just stood there in shock.  I had been having visions of a bending over holding the seat of the bike as we looped around and around the cul-de-sac.  Ajax was so proud of himself and Dave and I heaped on the praise!  Even Noomi clapped, though she didn’t really know why.

So this weekend we were all about the bikes.  We swam and then went biking.  On Sunday after dinner we all went for one last ride.  Dave and Ajax on bikes ahead with Noomi on her tricycle with me walking next to her.  Noomi did wonderful on her ride, though every time we passed a piece of trash, she panicked and cried out – Oh no!  And would stop her bike and try to retrieve the item.  She waved at every passing car and kept yelling at Dave and Ajax to wait up (I’m not really sure what she was trying to convey, maybe it was just a happy Daddy!)

We also put up some treats from our garden – some tomatoes in the freezer (the deer keep getting into the raised beds), cucumbers, and Ajax and I made our own bread/butter pickles which need a few days before we can eat them.  We also froze some green beans and corn. Love summer

Oh! One last thing – we also ran to Target and Ajax picked out some stuff for school.  Now, both Dave and I picked out a very practical backpack.  It was Swiss Gear and seemed very well made.  It was grey.  Ajax picked out a flashy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack complete with a matching lunchbox with little reflectors.  The thing does not look well made and will probably fall apart by November.  It was however what our son wanted and so it is the one he walked out of the store with.  He was so happy, lol.

2014-08-10 09.32.41 2014-08-10 09.32.55 2014-08-10 19.02.49 2014-08-10 19.02.51


July 26, 2014

Sneaky art fair

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I love art fairs.  I love the crafts, the people, and overall atmosphere.  Dave on the other hand would rather scrub toilets with a toothbrush.   I think our last art fair was about 5 years ago.   Ajax was small, in a stroller.

Today Williamston had it’s art on the river festival and since it was right here in town we went!  Yea!  The fair was very small only about 20-30 venders and they also had activities for the kids.  Noomi did a craft while Ajax ran wild in the bounce house.  The kids got ice cream and dogs made out of balloons.  There was also a band with music which Noomi rocked out to.   It was so cute.  Dave was resilient to its charm. Overall though we love Williamston.

After the fair we zipped into “town” and bought a new mattress which will be delivered on Wednesday.  Our current mattress is going on ten years old and was used when it was given to us, lol.  Our backs have been hurting so bad and we haven’t been sleeping, that Dave kind of snapped this morning and declared we were getting a new mattress.

The kids thought the mattress store was hilarious and ran circles around the place.  Ajax kept trying to leap from mattress to mattress.  I think the lady was negotiating to get us out of the store quickly.  Either way we ended up with a deal.

2014-07-26 14.09.16 2014-07-26 14.57.20 2014-07-26 14.57.32 2014-07-26 15.00.10 2014-07-26 15.00.23 2014-07-26 15.06.07 2014-07-26 15.07.08 2014-07-26 15.08.17

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