April 15, 2014

Relaxing Sundays

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After Ajax’s party we were all pretty beat so that meant a wonderful bumming around Sunday, doing nothing, going nowhere, just relaxing.  That was perfect for everyone as both kids were exhausted from all the party fun.  By 10 am Dave and I looked at each other and said, is the day over yet? How are the kids this out of control?  By noon they calmed down and we were able to spend a good amount of time outside as the weather was very warm and sunny.

Ajax was invited to play ball with the older boys next door.  They were very patient with him and let him play with them for close to 45 minutes – 1 hour.  Ajax didn’t really get the concept of baseball, but enjoyed the chasing the ball all over the place.  At one point he sprinted to the ball, stood up and randomly through it in the wrong direction.  Did I mention the other boys, who were in age 8 and up were very patient?  Ajax had fun, but when the older boys ran off to play something else, he was content to pull out his gator and drive Noomi around and around the house.  Noomi loved it, as she had been helping me rake the front yard, but just ended up trying to steal my rake.

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April 14, 2014

Birthday party!

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On Saturday we had Ajax’s birthday party.  Due to the move, Dave’s leg, and general hectic-ness of our schedules I’ve decided to implement a new birthday strategy.  Since Ajax had a big birthday party last year, we opted for the “family” party this year.  As Noomi had the “family” party last year, she’ll get a larger party this year.  If we alternate the years, it’ll give me plenty of time between April and July to plan and not feel so burnt out.

Ajax’s party turned out wonderfully and we were lucky enough to get a very warm and sunny day, which meant lots of outside play time.  Grandma Dara and Papa drove down in the morning and Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gordy came in around noon with Nana and Aunt Emily.  Aunt Liz also came out with my cousin Ryan, Aunt Emily and a few other friends.  Ajax had a blast playing with everyone and Noomi was so excited to have a party. He did wonderful this year when everyone sang him happy birthday and did an excellent job blowing out his candles.  Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us!

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April 10, 2014


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Well yesterday I took both kids to the pediatricians office.  Ajax for his five year appointment and Noomi for a late 18-month appointment.   Both kids are doing well and developing on track.   Ajax weighed in at 39.4 lbs and was 43 inches in height.  He was below the 50% percentile for both height and weight, and below the average for BMI.  He ended up needing one last vaccination, his last Hep A, which I didn’t realize he needed, so that was a fun surprise.  The nurse said he’s now done until the age of 11.  Noomi was supposed to receive three shots, but had a rash so we held off on the shots.  She came in at 35 inches in height, putting he in the 95%, and was 24 lb 10 oz, putting her in the 25-50%.  Her head circumference as 19 inches, which was 75-90%.

Today I ended up having to leave at noon to go pick up the kids. Specifically, Noomi, as her rash had gotten worse and spread over her face, arms, and leg.  Yesterday the Doc advised me to keep an eye on it, but that most likely it was just the tail end of a virus, no fever, not much to do but wait and watch.  When I got to the school I was shocked at how much the rash had spread, so I loaded up the kids and we headed back to the Doctors.  The Doctor looked her over and confirmed it was hand, foot, and mouth disease.  A seasonal virus that was currently going around, which produces a rash, fever, and overall unpleasantness.  Luckily, Noomi doesn’t have the fever, but she definitely isn’t feeling well.  She should be good to go by Monday, but until then she’s a bit temperamental.  Ajax is doing a wonderful job humoring his sister and for that I have rewarded with him Popsicle and a piece of cake, lol.

Below- Noomi loves this silkie black/white of mine and will go into the closet, pull it out and carry it around the house.  She’ll hold it and try to put it on.

2014-04-09 07.47.59 2014-04-09 07.51.08 2014-04-09 07.51.22

April 6, 2014

Weekend updates

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Another excellent weekend and to top it off the weather has been gorgeous!

On Saturday, Noomi and I headed into the Detroit area for my cousin Kim’s shower, while the boys stayed home and went for a walk through the woods and did general boy things.   We had a great time at the shower.  There were plenty of kids for Noomi to play with, the food was good, and it was nice seeing family!  Noomi was quite taken with a three year old named, Hunter, and kept following him all around.

When we got home Dave’s aunt was over with her two youngest, Emily and Joe, as well as Grandpa Rod.  They all came down for a fencing tournament in Lansing and stayed overnight with us.  The kids loved having the older cousins over as well as Papa.  We had pizza for dinner and all shared in leftover birthday cake from Ajax’s school party.

On Sunday, we cleaned and organized the house and then met the rest of the family in Leslie for the fencing tournament.  We were able to see Emily compete, but after an hour the kids were running in circles and stomping on the bleachers.  We didn’t want to be those parents, so we bounced a little early.  When we got home Ajax and I went exploring in the woods behind the house, while Noomi and Dave played in the yard (the terrain got a bit bumpy for her and Dave).  I also gave Dave a haircut and he now officially has a mohawk, which is pretty cool.  He’s wanted one for a while and since he won’t be in the office for a few weeks now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Well, with all our fun this weekend, it’s near 8 pm and poor Noomi is having a heck of a time going down for the night.  She is way overtired and I’m hoping we’re not in for a rough night.

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April 3, 2014

Someone is 5 years old!

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Mr. Ajax is 5 years old today!  Where has the time gone?

Ajax woke up in a great mood, which seemed to carry him through the day.  He was excited to bring his cake to school and share it with his friends.  I was able to get out of work a little early so we were able to get home and have an early dinner.  Ajax picked his birthday dinner: boxed mac and cheese and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Looking back I realize that is the same thing he requested last year too.  For dessert I picked up angel food cake with cool whip and fresh raspberries and strawberries.  Ajax loved it and so did we!   The kids had an early bath (thanks to a poo incident from the smallest family member… I also needed a shower after the event) but that allowed them more time to play before bed.  Noomi helped me vacuum and Ajax zoomed his trucks and cars through the house.  It was a good evening.

On another positive note, Dave got the go ahead from his Doctor to start walking without his crutches!  The xrays looked great and he is recovering well.  The Doctor did, however, put the smack down on Warrior Dash.  So it looks like we’ll be cheering our family on from the sidelines this summer.

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April 1, 2014

Farm pictures

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Just thought I’d share some pictures from the Farm. Goodness did those kids have fun!  The weather is finally getting a bit warmer, the snow is melting, and now we’re just getting plain rain and not an angry rain/snow/sleet mix.  Yea spring!

2014-03-30 15.44.02 2014-03-30 15.44.05 2014-03-30 15.44.14 2014-03-30 15.44.24 2014-03-30 15.50.51 2014-03-30 15.50.56 2014-03-30 15.55.36 2014-03-30 15.55.41





























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March 30, 2014

Weekend fun

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This was a relaxing weekend. A much needed relaxing weekend.

On Saturday we met my parent’s near Weberville and they took Ajax up north to pick up my cousin and her horse for the week.  Because they were doing horse work, Noomi was a bit too young to go with them.   That was ok as Noomi and I also had plans.  We went to a baby shower and Noomi had so much fun.  There were lots of little kids present and Noomi got an entire bowl of blueberries to herself.  I was worried she was going to make herself sick she ate so many.   She has had a major break through lately and has been repeating everything- Hi, bye, wall, thank you, please.  Too cute.  After the shower we swung home and picked up Mr. Dave and then we decided to try a restaurant in our new little town.  We chose a pub style restaurant downtown and it was delicious.  I cannot wait to go back, it was that good.

On Sunday we cleaned the house and did laundry and then drove to Brooklyn to pick up Ajax.  When we got there we all headed outside so that Ajax could show us all the work he’d done on the farm.  Apparently he dug many holes, moved rocks and gravel, and picked up lots of poop.  He is such a good worker.  My parents said he did wonderful and was such a help.   We stayed for dinner and then gave the kids bathes before loading them up and heading home.   They were both so tired they passed out for the entire drive.

The kids have also been having a little too much fun playing in our closet.  They’ve been trying on all my shoes and Noomi has taken to taking my shirts (the ones on hangers) and walking around with them.  She has one silky work shirt that she particularly likes.  It’s black and white and it seems whenever I turn around I find her walking around the house with it sucking her thumb and holding it like a silkie.   Today she also insisted on sitting on the potty.  Dave sat in there with her for about 20 minutes and she did finally pee (though she kept telling Dave she had to poop).  She was so proud of herself and then kept wanting to go back and sit on the potty. lol.

I have more pictures from the farm but Dropbox is being funny. I’ll get them up tomorrow.

2014-03-29 18.35.11 2014-03-29 18.36.57 2014-03-29 18.37.02 2014-03-30 10.19.43


photo(1) photo

March 28, 2014


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Did you know that you can use your same old pancakes recipe, pour it onto a jelly pan and bake it at 425 degrees for 10 minutes and have tasty oven baked pancakes without standing at a griddle while certain family members demand hot cakes otherwise they’ll die of hunger?

Yep, we’re getting a bit creative in our household as Mr. Dave is still out of commission with the whole broken leg thing.  Luckily we’ve still had family around to help us out.  Grandma Dara and Papa took the kids up north for part of last week and they all came down on Saturday.  We ended up having a wonderful and relaxing weekend, just hanging around the house.   As the kids didn’t get home till Saturday afternoon Dave and I were able to get 16 meals into the freezer!  Yea freezer cookin’.  On Sunday we all headed to Auburn Hills for cousin Henry’s two year birthday.  The party was held at one of those inflatable bounce house type places, where kids and adults got to enjoy the fun.  Ajax loved it and ran around nonstop.  Noomi took a bit more coaching, but once she started having fun, there was no stopping her either.  All the adults got a good workout as well and it was very nice seeing Dave’s cousins.

This week we’re getting back into our routine, which has been off track for a month now, but understandably so with the move, etc.  Both kids are so tired when they get home it’s ridiculous, as school and learning take a lot of work.  On Wednesday, I took Ajax to his new school and registered him.  He was so cute.  He was a little nervous and shy headed in, but when we were in the library filling out paperwork, he was comfortable enough to explore and look around.  He also took his vision and hearing tests and did very well, passing both.  We won’t know his teacher until late summer and they will also be calling us with his bus schedule!  I cannot believe he’ll be taking the bus in the morning.

Noomi seems to have hit a milestone as her language usage and vocabulary are finally accelerating.  She will freely repeat you and is now saying mama on a regular basis.  She also identifies me as mama, Dave as dada, and Papa as papa (papa is currently her favorite person in the world).  She can also identify Ajax, but has for a while now.

Both kids go in soon for doctor’s appointments. Noomi for a late 18 month check up (I dropped the ball on that one) and Ajax for his 5 year appointment.  Dave also goes in next week for a final xray and determination of whether or not he can start putting weight on his leg, we’re all hoping that it goes well.  Thanks for grandpa Gordy for driving Dave around!  Oh, and we also signed Ajax up for Tball which starts in late April.  I have to pick up his little outfit and apparently practices are held twice per week (crazy eh?).

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March 18, 2014


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Hello there, my apologizes for the lack of updates lately.  To rewind a bit, Dave slipped and broke his leg.  We saw the Orthopedic surgeon at MSU on a Tuesday and the next day, Wednesday (March 4th), Dave was at the hospital having surgery.  Nine pins and one long plate.   I cannot believe that a little slip on the ice could do so much damage.  Incredible.   As Mr. Dave was out of commission with Doctor’s orders to stay off the leg for at least 4 weeks, we were lucky to have family who was able to help us move to the new house so that we were still able to move on March 8th.  On March 9th, my sister, her friend, and I cleaned the old house and turned in keys to the landlord, which was nice as that was one less thing to worry about.  Our Williamston home is now pretty well organized and mostly put away.   The kids seem to enjoy the new house and like that it is only one level.   We are all awaiting warmer weather to explore the area, which seems quite nice.   Dave goes back to the Doctor this Thursday to have his stiches removed, and at his last appointment the Doctor said everything was looking good.   I cannot say how much our families have helped us out over the last few weeks, we are so fortunate that I simply cannot express my appreciation for everything they have done for us.  Thank you.

February 25, 2014

Holy moly stuff got real at our house

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We had an excellent plan.  As I have mentioned we found a reasonable home to rent in our dream town, with a move date of March 8th, we had the move planned out, we had kids organized, we had family in agreement, all was aligned.  Grandpa Rod was going to come down with the truck for the weekend so that Dave and I could move boxes, while Grandpa got some well deserved kid time.

Then on Wednesday of last week my Great Aunt Norm passed away at the age of 98.  She was an incredible woman, the matriarch of the family before she became ill.  She also held the old family stories and Lebanese recipes that her mother once made.  As hard as I try I have not mastered jutera.  I have never gotten it to taste the same as when Aunt Norm made it.  My grandpa Nader and I even put our heads together one time and tried to make it (my grandpa saying, I think Norma does this…) and it turned out so bad that I don’t think we even ate it.

This was also the first death in the family of someone that Ajax really knows and remembers (as he was too young when my grandpa and Dave’s grandma passed).  As a matter of fact, when the topic of elderly family members comes up, Ajax would always point out that Aunt Norm was the oldest person in our family.  We weren’t too sure how to explain to him that Aunt Norm passed, so we ended up sitting him down and just telling him.  He had one question and that was could he say good bye.  Dave said that he could absolutely say good bye when ever he wanted and Aunt Norm would hear him.  At night he then asked me, how far of car drive was heaven?  I tried to explain that it was up up in the sky and that your spirit flies there when your body gets tired.

So now, instead of moving boxes we changed our plan and Dave and I would go in for the funeral on Saturday.  Ok, sounds good.  On Friday night, however, when Dave was on his way into the house from getting the mail, he slipped on ice on the side walk, flew through the air and landed with his leg pinned underneath him.  We thought it was a bad sprain, so we decided the ER wasn’t necessary.  On Saturday morning, Noomi and I went to the funeral, while Rod and Ajax took Mr. Dave to the Urgent Care where the Doctor confirmed via X ray that Dave broke his lower leg in two places.

Dave is now on crutches with the Doctor’s order to stay off it and keep his leg up with a pending appointment with his family doctor this coming week.   When it all hits the fan, ya know? lol.

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